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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Free - Super Free

I'm sure that everyone has heard about the EBT snafu that effected 18 or so states Food Stamp balances.  For most people it caused their cards to be declined because a balance could not be read.  But, not the people in Louisiana.  They had no limits and the folks in Volde*Mart soon told two friends, and they told two friends and so on and so on.  They were filling up five and six carts with all kinds of food. They were calling friends on food stamps to come up and do the same thing, filling up trucks, cars and mini-vans with more food than most of us buy in a year.  And then the system that tells the stores what balances each food stamp recipient has came back on line.

And every single one of those freebie seeking rats dropped it like it was hot. They left hundreds of baskets full of perishables in the middle of aisles and scooted like the cops had hit the playground.

We'll get back to that later.  But, think about it, they're getting free food anyway.  But suddenly it was "more" free.  Suddenly there was no limit to what they could get for free.

I listened to Shane Warner over at NewsTalk 1230 here in Waco talk about that today.  I listen to his podcasts to drown out a particularly loud idiot who makes me want to punch her and break her jaw just so she never opens her stupid yap again. I have to do a lot of that because I'm surrounded by people who have sat in the breakrooms this past week and talked about how "lucky" those folks in Louisiana were and about what they would do if they could get a ride to a store if it happened here.  So, I have listened to two quite divergent views.

My opinion of the welfare queens beating feet to Volde*Mart last Sunday and calling in other welfare queens is that they are entitlement minded thieves.  When the State of Louisiana tracks down the folks who did this, and you know they will, I bet nothing will happen to them.  Nothing, nada.  Because, you see, in the heart of every sob sister social worker out there, they truly believe that these people had every right to take advantage of the system, because they've been wronged.  Wronged, I tell you!  They deserve this respite from worrying about what they will feed their families.

Let me tell you about a little phone call I had the displeasure to overhear in our breakroom today.  A woman I will refer to as Beast, because that is what I consider her, a stupid, grasping beast that devours everything put before her.  Beast was on her Obamaphone yelling at someone I later discerned to be a social worker because she has lost all of her welfare benefits for defrauding the welfare system in Texas three times (yes, that's how many bites you get at taxpayer money in Texas) and now has to pay her own bills, and can't afford the two benefit bringers she's brought into the world without benefit of even knowing the name of one of their fathers.  So she's evidently giving up one of them, a son, for adoption and is having some trouble because the "baby daddy" (her words to the social worker) is "incarcerated" and refuses to sign away his parental rights unless he gets a deal on his parole at some point.

Like I said, I don't want to hear this crap, but sometimes it's impossible for me to block out.

She was screaming at the woman that she would have to get "another birth certificate" with no father listed on it to, and I quote, "Get this kid out of my house!  I can't afford him."  After chewing a handful of Tums I was told my workspace was available and I went to work doing whatever it is I do.

Later, after lunch, I had to utilize the facilities.  I went into the ladies room to hear Beast on the phone, this time crying and yelling because now she was going to have to pay for day care and she couldn't pay for day care and her new clothes and got out partying.  Oh the unfairness of it all!

And still, any social worker worth her degree would cry along with her telling her that she deserves to wear pretty clothes and go out and get drunk and have anonymous sex with men, because it makes her feel pretty and worthy.  Because she's taking care of her family. A family she's tearing apart herself so she can buy her pretty clothes and go to parties, if not for the damned child care... and needing to buy a car now that her lifestyle is not being subsidized by the Texas tax-payer and the American tax-payer for WIC and Medicaid for her children.  I'm hoping she's on some sort of free birth control thanks to Planned Parenthood.

Oh, and just FYI, Beast is the woman I spoke about a year or so ago that I heard in this same breakroom telling another woman how to have sex and a baby with a man with HIV.

It's all just owed to her, you know.  Because now, Beast is like the Welfare Queens in Louisiana when the EBT machines came back online.  Now the gravy train is gone and she's dropping her kid like he's hot.  I've got to wonder about that poor little man being rejected by a woman who ha raised him and he thinks loves him and how this will scar him for the rest of his life.  The Social Worker's heart bleeds for the bitch that is throwing him out like left over fish, but mine bleeds for the little boy who is being thrown out of the only home, the only family he's ever known.  He will probably never feel worthy of anything or anyone and grasp the first family like sensation he feels, which knowing the foster system in this county, will most likely be a gang.  If he's not killed before he's 21 he will most likely end up in prison, just like his daddy.

But you know, she needed the extra benefits, so she had the baby, knowing they would be taken care of, because that's what government does.  That's what WE owe her.  She's entitled, just like all of those shoppers in Louisiana. And she leaves just as much destruction in her wake when the party train stops and she's forced to pay her own way.  It doesn't matter that she got caught selling her EBT bucks to a local convenience store so she could get money for clothes and partying.  It doesn't matter that she was obviously not feeding her children with the money we were giving her. All that matters is that now she won't be able to afford pretty new clothes because she has to pay for daycare for the child she's "keeping".

She got free for so many years, she has no idea how to pay her own way, because sadly, according to her, she's never pulled her own weight, ever.  She went from living in Section 8 housing with a mother, unmarried, on full welfare benefits with 6 kids, to getting pregnant and setting up her own Section 8 housing with a new baby. However, she's always had to work as well, because it's been Workfare in Texas for a good 20 years or more.  But she's been careful, kept up with her hours and was always very careful not to work anything over where she would lose benefits.

I think I should mention that it's a rare time I can walk into a breakroom and she's not in there on her phone or screaming loudly at people around her.  No, she's not mentally ill.  She's just that kind of person.  What bugs me so much about her is that she has absolutely no shame about gaming the system or anything.  She doesn't process shame at all. She loudly encourages the dregs of society that work with her to have sex in the Taco Bell parking lot, and I quote, "You don't have to know his name!".  Evidently this was such a good idea that one of her ilk had to come back a report about it while I was trying to buy a soda.

The things I wish I could unhear.

So how free has her life been so far?  I bet when she was selling her EBT bennies for 50 cents on the dollar she thought she was really getting one over on all of us.  Now it's our fault she was stupid and got caught and had her benefits taken away, this time forever.  Three strikes and you're out.  She's lost her car because she can't sell her food stamps for cash to  make that payment.  She's being kicked out of section 8 housing because she can't afford that rent, and she has to pay for child care for the kid she's bothering to keep.

Now, think about how loudly she's screeching to anyone who will listen and multiply that by the number of people on food stamps in the State of Louisiana.  Oh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth when people are forced to pull their own weight when nothing in their lives has prepared them for it.

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