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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Two Million Biker Ride on DC

It really started about a month ago in response to a Muslim group getting a permit to march on DC on September 11, 2013.  I was interested, then someone really started organizing. They got a FB Fan Page and started getting folks together in each state to organize from the ground up.  I desperately wanted to go, but as organized as they were, something about the Texas contingent appeared a little dodgy to me.  Twice I signed up and twice they ignored me and didn't send me any info.  I shrugged, too my vacation two weeks earlier than planned. I didn't get to go.  But if they do this again, you can bet I will be there.

I have watched several videos of the riders from several difference states.  Some I've teared up watching because it's so freakin' awesome watching us standing up for something so important.  If you ever meet a biker, shake their hand because, in my experience, most bikers are the best people in the world.  They are not pretentious, arrogant or trying to be something they are not.  Sons of Anarchy notwithstanding, motorcycle clubs do so much charity work and help out during disasters than anyone else, including the Red Cross. You haven't seen big hearted until you roll up on some house fire or the like and see bikers trying to help kids, pets, people.  They'll hold benefits at the drop of a helmet to raise money for someone who needs it.  It's not just a good excuse to party.  Most of them are family affairs and involve craw fish and BBQ.

I've watched so many videos of people on the side of the road, getting out of their cars just to watch these folks pass by and hundreds of bikes passing by, revving their engines for the cameras.  I've seen cops, fire departments, military people hang flags for them, stand at attention for them, or even just offer water on a hot ride.  Cops know that folks who ride aren't a bunch of criminal on fast bikes.  And bikers are smart.  In the words of the prophet, "Don't start none. Won't be none".  We do take that karma shit seriously.

As I was riding today, my heart swelled with love for my brother bikers.  For doing the right thing when they found out that people who seriously wish to harm our way of life and imprison us in their religious slavery wanted to march in our nation's capitol.  They responded quickly and loudly, if the thunderous pipes were to be believed.  They showed them that they only think they know America.  No, morons, you know the East Coast Liberal Elite who never met anyone they thought could beat them up and didn't immediately bend over a table and start greasing up for. I hope America's Bikers showed them that they have another "enemy" to consider.

We the People.  And we're ready to hop on our bikes and any time and run you to ground, then whoop your ass. Take my freedom?  Not without a fight.

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