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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Children's Stories and Other Myths Liberals Believe In

As I sat working on the worst spreadsheet put together since Enron went out of business, I had time to ponder many things that happened in the past week.  Senator Ted Cruz trying to wake America up was the top of the list.  Many made fun of him for reading Green Eggs and Ham to his kids from the floor of The Senate since he could not be with them to read to them as is apparently his habit.  Always remember their war cry of "what about the children" for any further hypocrisy notes.

But then, but Thursday the narrative had changed and they (they are The Media) were searching out, wait for it, Dr. Seuss "experts" to show what a hypocrite and wanker Ted Cruz really is!  Green Eggs and Ham is about embracing change and trying new things.  It's an important lesson "for the children" these "experts" cautioned, all the while telling the vapid media jerks how Dr. Seuss, a hardline Lefty would not have appreciated A Republican Senator reading his book on the Senate Floor.

Aaaaawwwww, look at them, so serious and shit about children's literature.  Aren't they so cute?  Like they have real degrees and shit.  I wonder how much being a Dr. Seuss expert rakes in per year in the private sector? Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?

While The Puppet Theater aka Media Jerks sat around circle jerking over the obvious hypocrisy of Cruz reading Green Eggs and Ham, about embracing change and trying new things while he's so afraid of Obamacare, a thought never occurred to them.  No, really, thoughts never do occur to them.  However, in this instance I mean that they never followed through on the idea behind the story.  The lesson that you should try something new and find out if you like it first before objecting to it.  They never thought, but what if I don't like Obamacare?  Too bad, it's the law and you cannot spit it out and refuse it forevermore.  You are stuck with it.  Massachusetts tried it on, didn't like it. Canada tried it on, hates it.  I really don't need to put perfume on that pig.  I know as much as I want to know about it and I hate it, Nancy Legosi so shut up and go schedule another botox injection. OK?

Somehow, someway the Liberals in the Puppet Theater think that if the nation doesn't like Obamacare they're either racist or we can just automagically make it go away.  Really?  How successful are we at even making changes to Social Security and Medicare to make it secure?  Have you ever, in your life seen an entitlement taken back?  Neither have I.  But if the nation gets a good gander at Obamacare once it goes into effect on Tuesday, we won't ever be able to take it back unless there is an armed insurrection and we put all of DC up against the wall and start from scratch.  Which I am believing is more necessary than we realize.  All liberals will be able to take refuge in The People's Republic of California, which will b cut loose from the rest of the country, a fence put around it and Scout/Sniper schools set up every mile or so to keep that riff raff away from rational, thinking human beings.

But if you want to know my real opinion on the whole storybook brouhaha, it's that Senator Cruz was just reading his girls one of their favorite stories since he could not be home with them that night. And I do like that here or there.  I do like that everywhere.

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