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Sunday, September 08, 2013

To All Politicians, Everywhere

It has become abundantly clear in the past decade that the people we elect to represent us, from the municipal level on up, hold a disdain for us and our opinions.  This is how Obamacare got passed and why Congress has not passed a budget in how many years now?  Continuing Resolution my ass?  Man up and make up a damned budget already.

In poll after poll, John Q. Public has stated his distrust of the people he votes to send to represent him.  Yes, he keeps pulling the damned lever for that person.  Why?  Because John Q. Public believes it's the other guy, not his guy that is crooked, that his guy is in DC or City Hall or County Court pulling for him, the Little Guy.  John Q. Public is a retard and "his guy" knows it and assumes everyone in his area of influence is just the same. Then came the August Recess of 2009.

Used to be the House and Senate would break in August for the retards to head home and hold Town Meetings where they would pretend to care about the things the few people who showed up cared about and they would promise to go to DC and fight for their opinions. And John Q. Public would believe him year after year, when there was no evidence, anywhere, that his representative was doing anything close to what he'd promised.

Just remember this Politicians, more than a few of us are well aware that the ONLY thing you're good at is lining YOUR pockets.  Your Low Information Voters may be waking up to that fact now that they are reduced to part time work, no benefits and welfare staring them in the face.  The backlash ought to be amazing.

Back to the Summer of 2009 when our duly elected representatives left the rarefied air of The Beltway and descended up on their districts and were met with a metric shit tonne of people who were pissed off over Obamacare.  Voters were hostile and unwilling to listen to a bunch of dithering and equivocating by people with little interest outside their own pocketbooks.  Makes you wonder how long it's been since Nancy Legosi visited her home district.  I'm not sure she even does so every two years to vote for her re-election.  I'm pretty sure she hasn't visited her district in an eon since her last face lift.

Now our reps don't want to go home and meet and greet, not even during election cycles.  They think they should be protected from the people they betrayed and still hold their offices.  Texas Senator John Cornyn is one such example.  As the senior senator, republican, of the Great State of Texas he decided he would forego the Town Halls this year, handing that responsibility to his Freshman Senator, Tex Cruz (R).  He was amazed when people, like me, called him a chicken shit for it.  He's now even more amazed that we people who had voted for him in the past and are not even really unhappy with the job he is doing have vowed to primary his ass back to the stone age.

For what the modern voter feels towards the people who swore to represent him and his wants in Washington, City Hall or County court, I think Essex said it best in Henry V, this is what we feel for you:

Scorn and defiance; slight regard, contempt,
And any thing that may not misbecome
The mighty sender, doth he prize you at.
 Scorn, slight regard, indeed.  Contempt as much as you feel for us.  May you feel the sting of it come Novembers in future.  We once fought a war to get rid of despots and petty rulers.  We're always ready to do so again.

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