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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Who You Are When No One Is Looking

Recently the nation was shocked by events at Oberlin University, a small, liberal arts college full of fluffy bunnies and unicorns, according to their most famous Alum, Lena Dunham, you know Obama and her "First Time".  As it turns out, all of the racial skreed was perpetrated by two young men, progressive liberals, registered democrats who swear it was a hoax.

Yeah.  Right.  A hoax.

It's been my favorite observation since AOL exploded the online experience to everyone in the early 90's that yes, you can pretend to be anyone on the internet, but most times you are going to be exactly who you are when no one else is watching you.  The young men at Oberlin gave themselves permission to be who they really are when they decided to perpetrate this hoax upon their school, to, as they said, "see the reaction".

As Progressives they were suddenly free to spout the hate they truly feel against other races, women, etc.,.  They could write "nigger", probably giggling while they did it, with impunity.  They had given themselves permission to finally, FINALLY say all the things they had been bursting to say, but was not within the acknowledged narrative of their chosen political philosophy.  Granted, these two nascent Libs probably have less of an idea about Progressive Liberalism than your typical German Shepherd, but they had accepted the party line and the dichotomy between what they knew to be true and what was publicly acknowledged caused this "break", as I predict it will be called by people with numerous years in lecture halls and none in actual treatment of mental disease.

Woodrow Wilson was a virulent racist.  He was considered a Progressive.  Margaret Sanger, virulent racist, founder of Planned Parenthood.  LBJ could not abide a black or Mexican not serving him, signer of the "Great Society" that ushered in the generational enslavement of minorities and the poor while draining our country of the will to work for what you want.  All of these people were Democrat.  All of these people were Liberal.  LBJ said, as he was signing Medicare and The Great Society into law, "This will keep the niggers voting Democrat for the next 100 years."  Stellar guy, LBJ.  Heart of fucking gold.

No.  I do not judge too harshly.  I don't have to worry about the unsaid, the tacit understanding in my thought process because I use logic to guide them. George Orwell saw it and the Libs adopted it, knowing it was their own, but projecting it upon the Conservatives because people don't want to think they are being used or played.  And frankly, who is going to drink that Kool-Aid if you don't lie about it like Jim Jones about Guyana Punch?

Liberals cannot be who they really are, ever.  Because what they really are, when no one is looking is mean, petty and racist as hell.  Outwardly they decry slavery when everything they do seeks to enslave you in one way or another.  Enslaved by dependence on the government.  Enslave your mind by telling you what it is acceptable to think or say. Scream about violence and take guns away by jack-booted thugs who put a gun to your head and steal your property and then tell you that you have no right to protect yourself, you are to look to them for protection.  Sounds a little too Mafia for my taste.

Don't get me wrong, many so called Conservatives act the same damned way.  Moderates try to hide it and pretend outrage and horror when caught practicing these things.  But it's a rare politician who doesn't love lording it over all those beneath him, and trust me on this, they all think their constituents are beneath them.  Why don't they come home more often if they didn't want to hear what we think?

This is why, in the past 5 years we've seen more and more Progressive kids snap and start shooting at people in theaters and shopping centers.  The double-think creates too large a chasm for the rational mind to accept and you have a break with 'reality' and they are suddenly exactly who they really are when no one is watching them.  When that mental construct that they have spent a life time building finally crumbles and all of the half-said, euphemism, tacitly understood comes to the fore and they simply can no longer hold back their true personality.  The Women's Study professor who fooled everyone he ever came into contact with is now said to have had a psychotic break with reality when he finally was showing who he really was.  The break was not with reality, it was with the myth he and others around him had allowed him to believe his own bullshit for so long, despite several outcries that he was a lying, woman hating, self-loathing sack of shit. I hope Alan Sokal is thrown in prison and treated like a bitch he thinks women are for the rest of his unnatural life.

It is the proof that you cannot successfully lie to yourself all of the time.  The attempt kills your mind. Personally, I'd rather take a bullet to the brain pan than live like that.  Don't get me wrong. I can lie. I am, in fact, a very talented liar and I can make you want to believe me.  However, I have a horrible memory, so I stick to my brutal, radical honesty that most folks hate, even while saying they want honesty in all things.  I am me all the time.  I am impatient, don't suffer fools gladly, silly, and love wretched literature.  I am me.  I am me even when you aren't looking at me, so that I am the same person you see every time you see me.  I speak my mind when I feel it needs to be heard.  But I can also hold my peace when I see that my opinion won't help anything.  Sometimes you just need to listen.

Sometimes you just need to observe.  Watch the people you idolize.  Watch them when they think you aren't looking.  TMZ is making a fortune from doing that very thing.  But, most importantly, watch yourself.  Be who you really are all the time, not just when others are watching and judging you.  What do you care what they think?  Polonius said, "To thine own self, be true".  It still resonates.  Just add, when everyone is looking.

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