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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Butcher of Benghazi

On some Liberal forum, I don't know which, someone, I don't know who, referred to Obama as The Butcher of Benghazi.  Even if the person is a flaming Libtard, I would buy that person a drink.  Barry has always wanted an eloquent title and I think Barry the Butcher of Benghazi resonates with almost anyone who is aware of the situation.  So, I shall, from here on out, refer to Barack Obama as Barry the Butcher of Benghazi.

When Reggie Love, thinking he was doing Old Barry The Butcher a favor, went to an interview and revealed that he had played cards with The Butcher during he events in Benghazi, I think that even his most staunch advocates had to cringe.  He is reported to have told Reggie, "I can't stand watching all of this."

Well, Butcher, then you shouldn't have taken the damned job.  The President must watch "all of this" and be ready and prepared to act upon that which he sees.  Too bad that you were called upon to do more than you are willing.  I'll just go tell John Q Taxpayer that he can forego paying his onerous taxes because he's not willing to do that.  I mean, it's OK, right?  You should just have to suck it up, put on your damned big boy Pull Ups and take it.  RIGHT????

When our soldiers are sent to fight in sand boxes with people who would just as soon kill them as look at them, they are told that no matter what, their country will come save them.  They will not be left to die horribly at the hands of people who are pretty happy in the Stone Age.  Barry The Butcher of Benghazi, you have made a lie of hundreds of years of American Stalwarts by refusing to help your Ambassador and your soldiers, of whom you are Commander in Chief.  You lied to them, you lied to the American Public and you LET THEM DIE HORRIBLY.

So, Butcher of Benghazi and your mouthpieces, Hilary Clinton and Susan Rice, it is my God given mission in life to make sure that no more get left behind because you "can't stand to watch all this".  I shall rain down the wrath and indignation of every single citizen of this once great country, OF WHOM YOU ARE NOT THE KING, down upon your stupid head until the mantra of "never again" rings throughout America and we never, ever again elect your like again.

I mean, what difference does it make?  It's just a YouTube video, right?

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