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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Standing In The Middle of the Road

The middle of the road is the most dangerous place to walk.  That is an axiom for life.  But in politics it's a position everyone says they seek.  No one ever mentions that the middle of the road also makes you pretty easy to take out as collateral damage.  People who think they are "moderates" are people who are just too afraid to take a stand on anything. Fairweather Friends who never take a position until they see where the political winds blow, then bravely step up with an AOL, "Me, too!"

In a recent forum discussion someone admitted that they finally declared their "party".  She has declared herself to be a Modern Whig.  What's a Whig, you ask?  Good question.  They were middle of the roaders who got taken out in America in the heat of anti-slavery disputation.  They still try to win elections in England, where they originated, but it's a lot like the Church of England.  "Oh, I think that as well" is their rally cry.  If they were brave enough to have a rally cry.

When I pointed out to this woman that standing in the middle of the road is a pretty dangerous place, another person asked me to explain my one sentence response. I thought the concept was clear but I expounded anyway.

Politically the middle of the road means that you are not courageous enough to make a stand. It means that you are a tower of jello, an appeaser. You don't say anything good or bad, thinking that everyone will like you and that you can gain your power base that way. Can you tell me how well that's worked for John McCain or for Chris Christie? They are now reviled in their attempt to make everyone like them and happy. You cannot please everyone, you cannot even please a majority of someones. Commit and follow through. Also, the Middle of the Road, Fence Straddlers are the first to be picked off in a war of one side against the other. In essence it means that you have no backbone and therefore are not to be trusted.
The Modern Whig Party is full of Neville Chamberlains who honestly think appeasement is the right answer and that you can have everyone like you.  They are Liberals without the entitlement mind-set.   And when the Libs and Cons decide on all out warfare they stand right in the crossfire.  They'll go down screaming that they just wanted peace in our time.

I think I would hate to be a non-decider.  Imagine all the sleepless hours worrying who you will offend by putting out green napkins at the BBQ?  Could you spend your entire life without uttering one declarative sentence ever?

"I'm thinking of running for office... But, only if all of you are OK with that."  Dear Science, everything is meetings and committees and consensus with these people.  But what is the first thing they do in a crisis?  They look to either side to make a decision because they are the eternal dithering idiot who could not make a decision of whether or not to put cream in their coffee without watching someone else do it first.  Hello, Chris Christie and John McCain.

Let me paint you a picture, they are Lutheran, really neither Protestant or Catholic.  They like whichever sports team you like, even if they have no interest in the sport itself. If you smoke pot, they will have inhaled once at a frat party in college.  They will have a rum and coke rather than a real cocktail or a neat whiskey.  When backed into a corner and forced into taking a position but so many 'but and only if' in their response that it basically comes out to... you guessed it, nothing.

They take no stands, commit to no causes.  They are basically wasting space and oxygen, the whole time whining how they don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

Choosing not to decide it still a choice.

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