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Monday, July 29, 2013

Who Is Destroying America? Exactly?

I think I will absolutely flip my shit the next time I hear someone say that Barry is destroying America.  As if he single handedly is doing this.

People, and when I say people, I mean every single one of you bleating sheep out there waiting for someone to come and save you from your "I want it both ways" selves, YOU are what is destroying America.  You want your moral superiority and your free markets, too. You think that some how, some way can manage to be Mother Theresa and Steve Jobs at the same time. What's worse?  The businessmen who think the same damned thing.

You allow yourself to be led down the primrose path of liberal lies for votes and then you sit back whining and crying at the results you knew were coming but thought someone else would forestall.  You put your own neck on the chopping block then scream with indignation when your head is taken.  Then you cry and whine when someone like me points out that you did it to yourself.  You gave them permission and handed your life over to them.  Don't expect me to come in to save you from decisions you, yourself made in helping them along their road to destruction.

How did you come to this end?  You bought into the lie that you can eat your cake and have it, too.  You thought that by donating to their approved charities and supporting some of their causes you would then reap some morally superior benefits.  You are like the dipshits in comic books who do stupid things and get abducted by Super-villains and then expect the Superhero to come and save you.  My message today is, no one is coming to save you.  Not me, not anyone like me.  Why?  Because you are poison.  You think you can have a Liberal Utopia and your freedoms as well and you will keep fighting like hell to get it despite every single atom of evidence out there that it is simply not possible.  You will never give in to the inevitable reality that you cannot achieve your end, ever, because your psyche refuses to allow you to accept the defeat of your ideals.  You're Barack H. Obama writ small, everyday housewife.  And yet you will still believe that you can prevail.  Even with everything unraveling around you.

You depend on the sanction of the victim.  You depend on the premise that I will accept your perception of me as a bad person.  To quote a line from a book I once read, "Lady, I don't give a rat's ass what you think".  Your perception of me is not MY reality.  Why?  Because your muddled thinking process bogs you down in your own fears, your own mysticism, your own Private Idaho.  Do I care what the Garter Snake in my garden feels about me when I'm out stomping around the watermelons?  No, he's got a job to do there and so do I, both for the betterment of my gardens, and I leave him to it.  But, you, screeching harpy, you want to tear out my liver and thank you for doing so.  You want to steal my achievements and bless you for having done so.  You want me to thank you for killing my soul.

In the spirit of Contrarians every where.  No. I'm not gonna.  And what's more?  You can't make me.

You smirk and think to yourself, "Oh, yes I can."  But no, you can't.  So as I sit back and watch your TEA Party rallies, and Concern Women For America marches to the bakery, I will laugh.  Because I know, in the end, you stand for nothing.  You have no real concern for freedom.  You want to be free, but you want others to be made to do as you say.  You want YOUR right to tell other people how to live there lives.  Go and march then.  Goose step right up to the Liberals and give them a big smile.

I bet you won't even get it.  But you will have destroyed America in your mad dash to try to have it both ways, committing to nothing, really.  So when you die in your matyrdom, you will have died for nothing, really.  You won't have died for freedom, or liberty or even fluffy bunnies.  You will have died because you let them kill you, willingly, sometimes gleefully.  The worst?  You will have never truly lived at any point and will only appreciate true liberty at the moment the guillotine blade meets the skin of your neck.  You did this by never really thinking about your choices or the things you thought you stood for.  You did this because you never thought anything through to discover the real ugliness that lies behind all of the social engineering we've experienced over the past 150 years.

You will have destroyed everything you said you stood for, and at the end, you will still only be crying for yourself.  If you'd cried for yourself at the beginning, then decided that you were worth something more to yourself, then you may have been able to do something.  But no, you were all about self-sacrifice, Mother Flippin Theresa. You wanted a free market society you could pull a gun on and force them to feed the shiftless and "needy" with you deciding who was to be gifted with your beneficence.  That is the true goal of the Nancy Legosis and Harry Reids of this world.  They want you to come crawling to them for every crumb, every morsel of bread for your table so they get to decide whether or not you're worthy to receive their largess.  You will never understand that Mr. Go-Along-To-Get-Along.  You don't understand what motivates your in the huge dichotomy of double think in your life.

The absolute worst thing?  You did it so they would like you, accept you.  And that is what makes me the most ill.

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