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Sunday, June 02, 2013


This isn't about your parked car.  If you thought it was, I apologize.

During the weekend, it is my habit to watch tons of videos on the intarweb that I have not had the time or patience to view during my busy work week.  No, it's not  YouTube fest.  It's tons of news footage and v-blogs.  Lately I've seen many postings that have to do with something I thought was long dead and buried and that is Feminism.  From the Women's Studies student to Gloria Steinem, the past few months have been one long, inglorious screech for validation of womanhood.

From the Wyoming college student who posted a fake rape threat on her FaceBook wall to the Pro-Death Females screaming that everybody should abort babies whether they want to or not, to the ghetto beasts who are just too stupid to live.  I have watched videos and I have this to say, each and every one of you self-indulgent twats needs to suck start a shot gun. In the case of the abortion advocates, consider this performing your own retroactive abortion.  You should be all over that shit.

In each of the cases I named above, the deeper problem is that each one of these women was screaming out to the universe to validate her existence through feminism or some such stupid female empowerment scheme.  Get over yourselves, bitches, you do NOT need a man, a child, another human being to validate YOU. If this is the ONLY advice I leave behind me it would be this.

Early on in my bout with motherhood, I decided I would never be one of those women who was somebody's mom or wife or whatever.  I am my own person, with my own wants, needs and desires that have nothing, whatsoever, to do with anyone else.  I am not an adjunct.  I am not an appendage.  I am a person, actual and whole with no need for anyone or anything to validate my existence.

Do any of you reading this get that?  Do you understand how important that one idea is to your living an independent life?

When George Clinton coined the term, "Free your mind and your ass will follow", he was more correct than would seem at first glance.  He was thinking in terms of racism and bigotry, the most irrational emotions on the earth, but it is true across the board.

When Libtards and socialist speak of losing your chains, they lie.  They want you entirely chained, mentally to their agenda, their philosophy.  So thoroughly inured that you are no longer you, but part of the collective "Us" and "We" and there is no more "I".  This is such a fundamental part of most human beings that it is also where the search for validation of existence begins.  The overwhelming need/desire to be seen as an individual, actual and whole.  But, because of all of the dichotomy taught from birth about altruism, sharing and being part of a whole, we must be something to something else in order to live.

Who am I if I am not Jimmy's mom, or Bob's wife, or Susan's sister, or Velma's daughter?  Who am I if I am not slutty girl, or geek girl or Mother Theresa in training?  You must stop thinking of yourself as something only complete as the addition to something else.  Donne was wrong, a man can be an island in and of himself.  Another man's death, while sad, does not diminish me, for the life of that person may very well be an inspiration.

The only way it works is if you accept that you are no more than a cog in a bigger machine. You are no more than a part of the machinery.  How many of you can accept that?  Far too many if recent years are any indication.

You do not need a degree in Women's Studies to be a woman.  Did you know that?  You are not more noble because you've been oppressed.  That's unearned nobility and why I despise the entire concept of "women's studies".  Besides, it's all just gynecology anyway.  If you think that no woman is a woman until she's killed a baby, I will ask you this, have you EVER read the words of Margaret Sanger?  If you are a black woman and you have and you STILL think abortion is just fine as a form of birth control, then perhaps you are the self-hating black person and not Alfonso Rachel. 

I say this with complete understanding of Tommy Sotomayor and his rants, black women need to get their heads out of their asses.  Being fat, stupid and lazy is no way to go through life.  Reinforcing all of the negative stereotypes of black women does not help YOU or anyone else.  All you do, when you act a fool is reinforce all of the bad things people say and think about blacks in America.  You are too ignorant to even understand what they say about you overseas, and every single bit of it can be... validated.  And that's not just for black women, that for EVERY WOMAN.  Stop making the sayings true.  Validate yourself, you don't need anyone else to do it for you.

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