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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Pressing the Reset Button

A couple of years back I quoted a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode where Captain Picard tells an adversary:
This is our line in the sand.  This far, no further!
 I love that line.  Because it explains my mind set on boundaries perfectly.  This far.  No Further.

Considering the headlines of today, that line was passed long, long ago and we need a reset.

It is not often in life that you can do a reset.  And it's not truly a reset we're going to get, because we will go back to the beginning with the knowledge of what was left out of our Constitution got us. To coin a phrase, we will start out as we mean to go on.  And if I may be bold, with the very much written, "NEVER AGAIN!" written bold across the broken first ten amendments of the Constitution.  Not as in never again will we have these rights, but in the clear reasoned meaning that never again will we consider these rights something we can give up for security.  You want security buy a gun and a dog and go dig a hole to live in.  Life is an adventure and you will never respect your life until you have fought, in some small way, for it.

We need term limits.  We need to abolish the IRS and income tax.  We need to get rid of the EPA the DoE, HHS and DHS, go back to FBI and CIA distrusting each other.  We need less government, more personal responsibility. We need boatloads, supertankers full of personal responsibility.  We need no welfare and more private charities. Welfare makes it far too easy to be fat, lazy and stupid.  Private charity questions you after you leech for too long.  We need less regulation and more jobs because we're not regulated to death.  We need less parenting and more leadership.

And let me be blunt, screw you if you don't see the wisdom in that.  I don't need anyone telling me how to live my life, which books to read, what thoughts to think.  And I'm pretty sure, come the revolution, it will be perfectly legal to shoot anyone who tries.

Here endeth the lesson.

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