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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Man of Steel

For those of you waiting with baited breath, this blog is not, I repeat NOT, about Superman.  It's about how most sheeple stand about, mired in their own apathy and stupidity waiting for Superman to save them from themselves.  I'm of the Cat Woman school of thought:

I feel exactly as she does.  They vote idiots into office, knowing they have no qualifications but carried on a wave of the dubious talent of charisma.  When it all goes to shit they look for Superman, Batman or Ronald Reagan to ride in and save them from what they've wrought.  They can depend on it, because the Supermen and Bat Men and Ronald Reagans of the world always do.  They know that they always will, using their sense of duty, the very virtues they live by, to make sure they are saved from the disaster they, themselves, have created.

I've written about this before.  It's a recurring theme of most of my blog. What if the Man of Steel just decided one day, he'd had enough and refused to save the world?  What if he looked at everyone, said "Fuck it" and just walked away? Would you blame him?  More importantly, could you blame him?  If you would and could, stop reading now and go back to your articles.  I will never reach you.  You are too deeply inured.

In Atlas Shrugged, John Galt did this.  And he took Batman and the Ronald Reagans of the world with him into Galt's Gulch and let it play out.  He found those who would go rushing into the burning building and he told them what exactly was being done to them, exactly how they were being punished for being good and virtuous.  He told them that they were carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders and that they did not need to do so.  They could shrug the weight away and walk away from the pain, the guilt and everything those who hated their ability to stand strong and clean up their messes.

Do you realize that?  Do you know that the people you are trying to save despise your ability to continually save them?  It's why they try to make you feel guilty about what you do and yet never, ever do anything to keep from getting into the messes you are continually removing them from and cleaning up the mess after.  Do you know what it is they truly seek?  When you know the truth of the answer to that question it will rock you back on your heels.  And perhaps you will begin to realize that they fully intend on taking you down with them.  Because they hate you on a level they cannot accept or vocalize, but it's there.  They hate you because they hate themselves.

The above paragraph describes the ugliness that is at the very fundamental core of Liberalism.  Once you understand that, you will get what you are up against and see everything they do as it should be seen. With the bright light of day shining fully on their ugly center.  Something they work very hard not to allow.

Think about it for a while. Let it simmer, sink in.  Then breathe and know you can just shrug and no more Superman for anyone.  Let them wait.

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