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Monday, May 27, 2013

State Indoctrination Centers

This post today is brought to you by the considerable talents of Lo-Fidelity Allstars and their song Battle Flag.

Today I have decided that I shall no longer refer to public schools as school, but as State Indoctrination Centers.  Why?  Because that is all they are anymore.  Teach the test, teach the Liberal agenda, roll them out to the colleges more ignorant than any generation before the advent of paper.

Is this accurate or do I exaggerate?

As I have pointed out numerous times, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world is a true axiom.  We say it because it's true, in other words. When you are given leave by the parents and the state to shape and mould the minds of the young into anything you see fit, you create the adult they grow in to, and the things they do as adults.  Think The Manchurian Candidate, only with the knowledge and assent of every tax paying adult in the country.  Alles klar, Herr Kommisar?

I said yesterday that I hoped my kids grew up to be just like me.  Most parents want better for their children.  In my hope it wasn't my hubris or vanity, it was my realization that I was fortunate to be as educated as I am, despite the fact that I went to public schools.  Mine is the last generation to have any hope of critical thinking.  I say this knowing that I got through 70% of my classes reading the encyclopaedia and dictionary during class instead of paying attention to the yammering of my teachers.  I always read my text books withing the first week of school and then spent the rest of the year reading books from the library about events described in those books.  I will point out, with all honesty, that I could not in good conscience allow my children to be forced to read Dickens, Hemingway, Steinbeck or Fitzgerald.  We're trying to keep them from committing suicide due to the dichotomy they are forced to swallow, not herd them to it.  Then again, I could be completely wrong in my assumption of their reason for forcing those books on children.

I wanted my children to question, to work things out in their own minds.  I did lead with the Socratic method.  None of my kids was interested in learning anything.  Their rebellion was to remain as ignorant and inured as their peers.  Because Mom knew nothing.  Until they got out on their own.  Making their own money.  Seeing what all their hard work was buying them.  Seeing how many people were demanding a piece of their hard work as their right.  Seeing how their ignorance had not prepared them to fight the philosophical battle that is now being waged for the minds of our young.

Do you think it is one off deal that Chicago school children are taught songs lauding the exploits of Barry the Bullshitter?  It's not an outlier, it's the trend.  It's the trend because the teachers unions saw that their Lord and Saviour was in charge and now they could openly indoctrinate our children.  Force them to accept what we all find intolerable.  Do you want to know the most disgusting part of all of this?  YOU let them.  Not only did you let them, you MADE your children swallow that crap, telling them it was for their own good.  Shut up and swallow your medicine.  Not even a bit of sugar to make it go down easier.  Shut up, Mommy doesn't want to be bothered with this now, The Kardashians is on.  Go take your Ritalin.

Do I blame the teachers for taking advantage of their situation?  No.  I blame the parents who are so apathetic in their child rearing that they don't even realizing they are allowing people they wouldn't piss on if they were on fire mould the minds of their children.  They can't even be arsed to look at their text books.  Oh but they're true Americans!  Sean Hannity has told them so!

Get off your asses parents.  Learn what you are sending your children to learn or don't be surprised when they all end up at Occupy rallies.  Don't allow your children to be indoctrinated with poison and hate and that's all Liberalism is at it's core.  Death, hate, and a deep desire to take everyone and everything down with them. If that's what you want your kids to learn, fine.  Go ahead. Don't be surprised when they are 27, living at home and don't even bother to look for a job or care that they have no job, no prospects and worst, no shame at all for being a leech on their family.

Yeah, I have one of my own.  However, I am content in the knowledge that he made the decision to be that way.  I didn't teach him it was his right to be that way.  I hope his decision makes him equally happy when he's on the street because he's truly worn out his welcome amongst his family because he doesn't have any friends to mooch from.  He learned this all on his own and he's proud of his "knowledge".  One out of four.  I'm sorely disappointed.  I love him, but I'm tired of it.  I'm tired of his attitude that being "partially" right makes you right. I'm tired of him picking fights because he was taught by his teachers and his father that might makes right. His entire family is sick of his combativeness and lack of desire to improve his situation by working or going to school.  He sees many around him living the example of working for what you want, yet he says he wants nothing more than staying on his gaming computer all day, watching movies on NetFlix, thinking he's educating himself by watch questionable documentaries.  Like his peers he sees no reason to question what he reads on the internet.  He has no desire to live on his own, meet a girl, get married, start a family.  He already knows everything, much like his youngest sister.  I keep thinking he'll learn.  But not indoctrinated.

Life is a harsh teacher.

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