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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Unearned Moral Superiority

I think Bill Whittle is the man who coined the term Unearned Moral Superiority and named it The Coin of the Realm.  It's what keeps those holier than thou Liberals in "green cars" that can't go very far or very fast and wear Che Guevara shirts while screaming that Tibet should be free.

Liberals wouldn't know true freedom if is stood up and declared itself in the middle of their "Hate the Rich" rallies.  They are the kings of biting the hand that feeds them.

This, of course, does not keep them from trying to seem as if they care more about humanity than everyone else while using the money they make to make sure no bit of humanity gets near them or their families.  They scream for more gun control while their body guards carry semi-automatic weapons to protect them from the great unwashed.  They will screech and moan for every supposed humanitarian cause in the universe because it supposedly makes them likeable to a public who thinks these morons are Gods or something. Talk about worshipping false idols.

First off, the typical Liberal is a self-absorbed narcissist who is all about what pleases them and could not truly care about any suffering anywhere unless it personally touches him.  Seriously, ask any AIDS victim if any of these Hollywood types have reached out to them, to help with their lives in any manner whatsoever, even if it's reading to them when they're too sick and weak to hold a book or reader.  No, they publicly wear these "awareness" ribbons and hold fund raisers, but they would not touch a real person suffering from AIDS if their lives depended on it.  They all spout nonsense about Mother Theresa and yet not one of them stepped into her shoes or ever tried after she died.  Really, who has been on the forefront of AIDS funding?  Elton John.  Period.  Even Liz Taylor hadn't done much since she began having her own health problems.  Elton John is in that world where it's most prevalent and so he understands what's at stake.  Everyone else just puts a ribbon on their lapel and feel they've done their bit for "awareness".

And just a question on this whole "awareness" thing.  I'm already aware of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, birth defects, etc.,.  How does this help cure disease again?  I mean does my awareness somehow transfer some kind of supernatural knowledge to the researchers so they find cures faster?  Because most of the money earned by selling those awareness ribbons and pins are eaten up in "administrative" costs by the companies who are oh, so morally superior in their awareness campaigns.

If you're shocked by this whole post, just realize, it's not like I just told a  Girl Scout to F$ck off while she was trying to sell cookies.  Buying the cookies does not make me morally superior in any manner.  It just adds to my treadmill time.  That's it.  That is ALL it gives me.  However, because I felt the price of the cookies was well worth it, I bought them and ate them and frankly, I don't care what they do with the money after that.  That is not the reason I buy the cookies.  I buy them because I like them and the purchase only benefits me and perhaps the husband with whom I might be persuaded to maybe share a couple of them.  I never do anything without the benefit being to me.  When I donate to anything it's because it makes ME feel better.  I don't give a flying f$ck on a rolling donut what anyone else thinks.  I don't advertise those entities that benefit from largesse.  I don't wear t-shirts announcing anything more than the importance of donating blood.  Because I do it and I know how important it is.  I have a child who benefited from a transfusion as a newborn infant and will always pay that back when I can.  Because, you see, life is important to me.  Living life is even more important to me.

So, I'm going to go put on my "Who is John Galt" t-shirt and ride down to Jarrell to a bike rally.  No one will pay attention to what I am wearing. No one will ask me who John Galt could possibly be.  But I guess I am spreading "awareness" and will enjoy my moral superiority by living the ideals of John Galt rather than just giving them lip service

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