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Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Most Dangerous Path to Walk

Both sides of the political spectrum are pissing and moaning about everything.  Two people in my family (who shall remain unidentified to protect them) proferred today that the middle of the road folks are being trampled by both sides.  Well that's a great big DUH! Hello, who walks in the middle of the street?  You do not walk in the middle of the street because it's more likely you will be hit by a car and killed.  Call this "stuff I learned as a kid" and leave it at that.  MOR folks like morally ambiguous grey areas.  They all think that they are not making decisions by not making a choice.

Think of it this way, you have a group of friends. You go out for dinner each week to be together, enjoy an evening, etc.,.  However, there is one guy, he always orders last and he always orders what they guy ordering before him ordered.  Everyone is secretly amused by this guy, he's their friend and his behaviour is accepted within the peer group dynamic. (Hullo!  Once again I have used my education this weekend, it is NOT being wasted).  However, over time the group, as a whole, realize that this guy never really has a firm grip on anything.  He will agree with whomever he is speaking.  He holds of the opinion of the last person he spoke with.  He's an entrenched follower.  I know you know what I'm talking about. There is one in every group, every single one.

The one thing that drives the group crazy is that he will expound on the prevailing group opinion without having any real clue about it, and just parrots what the group has already stated.  However, if he is speaking to someone of the opposite opinion he jumps squarely into the middle of the road and refuses to state an opinion.  Most times saying that he can see both sides and therefore can't possibly make a decision.

I despise these people, they have no conviction.  This is what Coulsen meant when he told Loki that he would never win, because he lacks conviction.  He doesn't really fight for or against something.  He's just an envious asshole who wants what he can't have.  Wait a second... that sounds a lot like a Liberal!  Maybe he does have a side!

No. Liberals refuse to pick a side. They think that they can stand in the middle and not get hit by the shots lobbed by the Left and Right.  How stupid is that?  Then they piss and moan when they get hit, never realizing that they put themselves in the situation to be hit, expecting someone to come bail them out of the situation they staunchly stayed in.  They think that if they don't make decision, refuse to make a choice that everyone will like them, no one will start a fight, if there are no fights, there are no wars and we all live in a Unicorn Utopia with singing blue birds.

Go ahead Middle of the Roaders.  Firm 2nd Amendment Rights folks need target practice.

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