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Saturday, April 06, 2013


As long as I have had cognizance of being I have wanted to live.  Now, most people will say, "doesn't everybody?".  I have to sadly answer, no, they don't.  I have never been satisfied to just exist.  I must live with every atom in my body. Down to the vibrating strings that physicists believe create my entire being, I have to live.  It would surely explain why I was constantly bruised or nursing some injury in my childhood.  I could never walk anywhere when I could run instead.  I have always had a driving desire to find out what come next.

I have lived my life, with a few unexceptional years, with a joy of living that is so out of place in our world and one that has little for use for it.  I have done so knowing that it is shocking and unacceptable to most of the beings on this earth.  I could not possibly care less.  Yes, I have used that term in its correct way, meaning there are no further depths to which my apathy can sink.  I do not care for those who do not wish to live consciously.

In German there is a word for such a thing.  It is called lebenslust.  In English it's an Iggy Pop song.

I think, in recent years, the penchant for our young to so incredibly stupid things is so that they will feel alive for even a few seconds.  They have been educated and inured to a numbness so that they are compliant at the taking of their freedom and eventually their will.  They jump off bridges tethered to bungee cords to feel alive for just a few moments. And they must keep upping the ante to continue to feel alive as the adrenaline rush becomes harder and harder to come by.  It is why so many of our young people turn to suicide. It comes from the dichotomy of constantly being told they are not really alive and do not deserve to be happy in and of themselves, that it is selfish to desire to be happy and that their natural state is sadness and that somehow this sadness and privation of happiness will be rewarded after they are dead.

What a horribly obscene thing to tell our most precious loved ones.  I wonder at the parents and teachers who do it daily and don't even care that they are destroying precious minds.  We would easily destroy any person who told our young children graphic sexual details, yet we allow our teachers and even ourselves to crush their will to live.  Seriously, there is nothing I abhor more than this on our earth.  I would wipe our planet of every single human being who believes this is the right way if I could.

Psychologists tell us that children are inherently selfish as a way of coping and surviving. Then they turn right around and tell those same children that it is wrong to be selfish and to love their life as they do.  What is more messed up than that?  It is why I have the lowest opinion of psychologists.  Their "study" is nothing more than a dodge from doing honest work than any attempt to heal those with real mental illness.  They manipulate the minds of our young, warping them and harming them irrevocably.

Children are precious and they love life.  It is stomped out of them beginning with schooling by others who do not have their best interest at heart. We allow others to define our children and teach them their values, rather than our own.  We need to stop this, and we need to do it soon.  We already have two generations of children wholly within the Liberal schools with no idea how to live with joy or even think for themselves.  What's more worrying is that we have parents who have no idea how stupid their children really are.

I, for one, will keep living my life in a way that pleases me, gives me happiness.  My happiness is not purchased at the expense of another's happiness.  It is my own and stems from my own desire to live fully in this world. I will continue to ride my motorcycle, study things that intrigue me and learn  more that I want to know.  These are the things that bring me joy, things that make my life worth living.  For I will do the one thing I know the Liberals hate.  I will live my life consciously and with utter and complete joy.

There is no way to cockblock that because it comes from within me and they cannot take it away from me without my permission.

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