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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Why The GOP Is Fredo In The Fishing Boat To Me

I know some people who feel that Republicans are Individualists and Democrats are Socialists. Actually, that's not true. Both parties are Socialist.  You merely have the Conservative Socialist who is the Republican and the Liberal Socialist who is the Democrat. But, in essence, they are all going along with the idea of central control.And, just how it's to be managed is an academic point. - Robert LeFevre

 I'm not a fan of scared old men and the GOP is full of them.  Scared old lions, dried up husks of the men they used to be.  Too scared to fight the battles they know ought to be fought, to busy bowing down to the demands and petulant whining of their lessers.  That is exactly how I have seen the GOP since the 90s.  Newt Gingrich gave me some hope but proved to be nothing more than bombast in a thin layer of bluster.  True Republicans, like the Ronald Reagan of old, are assiduously culled from the party protectors, the likes of Karl Rove.  Yet another bag of bombast covered in a thin layer of bluster.  Yet look crosswise at him and he slithers away like the rest of his party.  Bitter scared old men.

Last evening I had an interesting conversation with a young man was trying to elicit my opinions on GOP symbolism.  He sent me these pictures.

I told him I liked both, but that I like the Eagle symbol "better".  Naturally he asked me why and here it is, unabashed, unapologetic and in such a manner as the scared old men of the GOP will never understand.  The eagle flies and is free, unfettered by the gravity that keeps us on the group. It is why it is our national symbol.  The eagle represents freedom. Absolute and total freedom.  That is what the Republican party would represent if it were not entirely peopled by scared old men who are more interested in keeping their perceived power than making sure we all live in unfettered freedom.  But no, they cling to the symbol of the elephant like the slow, lumbering animal it is.  How perfectly their symbol defines them, trudging sullenly into a future they all fear.

Eagles fight for their territory.  They are deadly predators.  In the aviary world, they are at the top of their food chain.  Nothing but man hunts the eagle. They live a solitary live, freely, until they find a mate and make more eagles.  They are raptors and have been known to savagely attack hikers and rock climbers who get near their aeries.  Yes, I used the proper word for an eagle's nest, try not to faint.

An eagle would not have allowed the Democrats and Liberals to co-opt it.  They would have torn the Liberals apart so that never again would they try to sully our world with their death cult.  Elephants may have tried to stamp on the Weasel that is the fitting symbol for the Democrat party, but an eagle would have grasped it in its talon and then flown off to pick it apart, piece by piece until there was nothing left of the corrupt and disgusting thing.

So I'm hoping that whatever the party that fills the void left by dying scared old me will adopt the eagle as its symbol. And forever I will transmute the jackass into a weasel, however both are equally fitting for the idiots that call themselves Democrat or Progressive.

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