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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Because It's Worked So Well Everywhere They've Tried It!

I was over at PJTV early this morning because I love Bill Whittle in the morning. He gets the fires stoked and ready for the forge to start making logic weapons. He is the Tony Stark of wordsmithing.  His Afterburner episode "Canary In A Coal Mine" is on the splash page, no need to subscribe for Bill's goodness this week.

Bill's video reminded me of something that outrages me every time I witness it.  The fact that no one, not one single person every stops these Libtards in their tracks by pointing out that historically they are wrong and always are.  Their tactics and programs and agendas have always failed, utterly, in every instance they have been implemented.  If they were logic checked every time they stuck their ignorant noses into other people's business then maybe they would let their betters do the thinking after being tased and left to drool on the floor while we educated the young by making them watch Super Nanny.

Universal Health Care - Now!

Oh yeah, because that's worked so well for the UK, right?  But get this, daily we are fed horror stories from the UK National Health Care System all the while being told that Obamacare is the best thing for our country, the best thing for us!  What the hell do you think it was based on, Maynard?  Think about it! For the love of all that is holy and good in this world, task your little grey cells to the dichotomy between what they tell you and what you know to be.  Yes, there is a great gulf fixed. Think your way over it.

The next time I read some horror story of an elderly left to die in a National Health Care hospital because treating her her was not "cost efficient" I will scream.  WTF?  No, Really. WTF?  Since when did human life become "cost efficient"?  It's not "cost efficient" to have litters of kids you can't afford to feed, yet our Government encourages it for generations of welfare ballot cattle.  It's not "cost-efficient" to have everybody and their dog on SSI and Food Stamps, yet our government encourages it and even send out primers on how to get the most out of the system.  Yet grandma may die because she fell and broke her hip and actuaries put her at dead 4 years ago, so let her suffer and die.  Here are some pain pills for the interim.

That is universal health care.  You just think you're going to get big boobs for free?  Oh no, Precious, all magic has a cost.  Did you really think that you're poor because some guy working 80 hours a week "stole" something from you while you sat on your ass watching soap operas and heading down to the clinic for another shot of antibiotics or pre-natal check up?  Think about that one for a minute, don't stop when it hurts.  Feel the burn.

Food Stamps For All

 Now that we're trying to fund free health care for everyone and turning highly educated medical professionals into slaves, let's turn to Food Stamps.  My hippie mother fought for these in the Great State of Idaho when I was five or six years old.  Now do you understand the depths of my disappointment in this parental unit?  Back then it was Commodity Foods.  Literally, government cheese.  But every drug hazed hippie with kids deserved and demanded food stamps so they wouldn't have to do things like gets jobs and pay for their own groceries.

And now the Obama administration wants everybody on them.  Why?  Because if you depend on the powerful for food, you will keep the powerful in office.  TA DA!  I just did your homework for you.  But keep thinking Medullakateer, don't overstress your glial cells, and remember, breathe.


They have taken the shame out of being on welfare, on food stamps, on the dole.  Every socially unacceptable behaviour we have in the past, shunned people for is now celebrated by these idiots. 

You don't have go be ashamed because Father's Day is confusing in your household.  You don't need to feel ashamed because you can work the system for full welfare and food stamp benefits and having 6 of 8 in your litter of dependents declared a learning ability so you get SSI, too!  Celebrate that you and your spawn are completely and utterly useless drains on our society.  Cheer for the fact that you and no one you know has ever had a real job.  Look forward to many prison visits for your baby daddies and those children they created because honey, your lazy ass will be trekkin' to the hoosegow for the rest of your useless life.  But, you know, everybody needs a hobby.  Obviously yours was sex and riding 90 miles on a bus to see some guy to screwed at a Crunk party one time.  But he passed the DNA test and had the decency to get incarcerated so you could get full bennies off of the taxes I'm working to pay.  Well done, gutter snipe, no need to feel any shame.

Yes, it has worked so well it's brought our country to the precipice of utter ruin.  While Shaqueatha, Welfare Queen Extraordinaire is out there screaming at your, demanding you support her worthless ghetto refuse, you are being slapped and ridiculed for voicing the opinion that perhaps you shouldn't be encouraging her to breed like a rabbit for more kids when she can't even feed the nine she's got now.  Perhaps we should make her get a job and support the crap she keeps squirting out of her promiscuous vagina and then, perhaps then she might get responsible and stop making them, take some pride in herself and stop the damned cycle that her family has been caught in ever since LBJ figured out a way to "keep the niggers voting Democrat for the next 100 years!".

Jesus Christ on a crutch, you do NOT have to be Stephen Hawking to see what is ruining our civilization.  It's a bunch of ivory tower idiots who think they can really make it work this time and the lazy, brain dead zombies who live to be told it's not their fault and they can just sit back and rake it in.

But, no, it's really going to work this time.  Really.

It doesn't matter that it's failed in every place they've tried it.  Uhm, no China and Viet Nam do not count because they are trying capitalism, but calling it something else because complete socialism isn't working out in North Korea. Am I the only one who wonders when they see the marching soldiers and marvel that they have the energy to do that despite being on the brink of starvation every day?  Cuba equals Major Fail with weaksauce on the side because they are propped up first by the USSR and then by China.  But it's working out well in the United States of Europe, right?  Quick, ask that buy who just deposited his payroll check in Cyprus!

But we have to let them prevail so that when they have burned everything down, we can rebuild on the ashed of their bones and make sure it never happens again.  I already have negative reinforcement training pamphlets ready to hand out to folks to recognize socialism and altruism and smack the shit out of anyone who brings it up.  I call it the Vogon Method.

Because it worked so well there.

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Jonathan said...

I find it sad that you are inspired by Ayn Rand! She was a nasty soul full of hate for those who never made it. I was inspired by Martin Luther King, who raised people up and made them feel proud!