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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Post-Racism? Riiiiiiiight...

This past week a dear friend of mine, whom I look upon as a daughter experienced something she never thought to see in her life.  A white woman she works with told her that she was not black enough because she speaks clearly, wears clothes from mall stores, she's on no public assistance, and her baby has a nursery.  I will refer to this woman, ever after, as Bonquiqui.  I have met this woman and she is white, married to a hispanic, with a half-black son from a previous hook-up who will say quite proudly that she has never dated "white guys".

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Modern Progressive Liberal.

Did Bonquiqui get fired for making possibly one of the most racist statements I've yet heard?  No, she got a stern talking to.

WTG Liberal HR Types!

Bonquiqui has evidently spent the past 3 years moving from department to department in the company my friend works for as she manages to offend everyone near her.  I can say from one luncheon with her, I can see this very clearly as truth.  I never depend on the gossip of others for my opinion.  This is not the first time she's made what most would consider racist statements on the job and not once, not ever has she been seriously reprimanded.  HR allows her to get away with it because she screeches long and loud about how she has a black baby and Hispanic husband.  I've heard this screech so I can attest that yes, she does screech, piss and moan that she's not racist.  Bonquiqui copies the accent of whomever she is speaking to at any given moment.  She can use a nice Neutral Mid-West Anchor accent with me, with someone she considers Mexican, she can go all barrio on them and talk to a black person and it's like she stepped off the set of a Friday movie. 
She can do all of this at a table at lunch.  The Mexican?  She's actually from Hawaii so Bonquiqui stopped speaking to her altogether.  I guess she hasn't seen enough episodes of Hawaii 50 to imitate that patois yet.

My dear friend has a baby and is unmarried.  Her baby is her entire world now. I knew her before she got pregnant and it's a wonder to behold.  She works two jobs, pays her own rent, sends her baby to a decent child care center and manages to buy, at employee discount, some nice clothes to wear to work in the hopes that not dressing like a hooker on the stroll or a redneck at Volde*Mart might get her on an upward track... along with a lot of hard work. 

She was absolutely stunned at that statements coming at her from a cow-orker (not misspelled in this case).  She was more flabbergasted that nothing was done to this person for what Bonquiqui had said to her.  To her this is proof that there is a subtle racism going on among the Liberal set.  Because last year a black woman was fired, immediately, for referring to another woman as "white girl".  The white girl complained and the black woman was escorted from the building.  But now a white woman has told her she's not black enough because she works hard for her child, to get ahead, and wears nice clothes and nothing, absolutely nothing was done.

My position is thus, they do not reprimand this person because they agree with her 100%.  I dare anyone to prove me wrong.

If they were truly non-racism they would stamp it out wherever it rears it's ugly head.  For racism is possibly the second most stupid mistake any rational mind can make. The first being altruism.  For neither can make the Is-Ought argument that any rational line of thought needs to claim the moral high ground.

Just because you are married to a person of another race does not prevent you from being racist.  Just because you managed to squirt out a baby that is a hybrid of races, does not mean that you are not racist.  It just means that you lie to yourself a great deal and allow yourself to get away with it.  The more you justify to yourself that these things alone mean you're not racist just reinforces the racism stronger within the psyche.  Psyche is soul for all of you out there who never bothered to learn by reading ancient hero stories.  Once your psyche is sick, all bets are off and you are mine to toy with.

So we are not Post-Racism in this country until we stop seeing people in terms of their color or upbringing.  I dare you to disagree with me.  Audeo!

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