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Friday, February 08, 2013

In The Name of the Best Within Us

The subject of this blog posting is the name of the Final Chapter of Ayn Rand's Magnum Opus, Atlas Shrugged.  I have just finished reading two disturbing interviews at Canada Free Press that remind me very much of the final chapter.  You can look at them here and here. Normally I blow a lot of conspiracy theory stuff away as mental illness and unwarranted paranoia. I simply have not given our "leaders" enough respect mental-wise because I hate to admit that even they may have enough native intelligence to suss out some kind of plan sub rosa as it were. Not every so called intelligent git from the 60's was wholly stupid.  Bill Ayers is living proof of that and who is he bosom buddies with but the man sitting in the Oval Office.

And furthermore, I no more believe in coincidence than I do of a flat earth.

But this guy, this informer got to me.  Mainly because he's like me, a patterner and he's made some very simple logical leaps and found, to his horror that the people who run this country want us back in the middle ages while they live it up.  They are the grasshoppers to our ant.  The dude abides. He sees the forest and can easily see which way the wind is blowing all those trees and how those trees interconnect.  I've had the benefit of Ayn Rand's prophecy to guide me to be exactly where I need to be at a specific time.  I've had the benefit of studying history outside a college setting so that I could learn from it and recognize it as it rolled around again

You really believe that Obamacare was about free healthcare for everyone?  Nope.  It's centralized record keeping and everything will go into your medical records.  Think it's odd that doctors are now told to ask how many guns are in your house?  My answer will always be none because it's none of the fucking business what kind of weaponry I have to protect myself from them.  No, I will not go quietly into the good night, and I will take a whole lot out before and with me and they will never, ever see me coming.  Why?  Because there are no rules.  None whatsoever the guerrilla warfare is so efficient when you get right down to it.  Do you think it's odd that the federal government has started leasing properties or extending leases?  It's all for those new IRS agents who are going to make sure we're all using Obamacare, right?  Gulag re-education camps anyone?  Think that's paranoid?  Go look and see how many Obama campaign offices are now some government office.  I dare you.

Now, look at all the ammunition shortages around the country?  Police departments are crying about not being able to get the ammo they need for target practices their folks need to stay qualified.  Everywhere you look stores are out of ammo for any type of firearm you can think about.  A bunch of hording by the bitter clingers?  Nope, all bought out by the DHS.  That was reported on last year.  I warned people to buy their ammo now and suddenly this whole 2nd amendment thing and you can't find ammo anywhere.

Coincidence?  All of it?  Welcome to Fantasy Disco then.

Do you really think it's an accident that there has been no budget passed since Obama took office?

Isn't it funny that Valerie Jarrett is making so many visits to Iran and basically writing the rule books that DHS is playing from?

Oh yeah, that's all coincidence as well, because God knows the country will never rise up after a financial failure by the US because how can we if they take all of our guns?  I'm glad I'm in Texas is all I can say.  You other states are on your own. I know we can survive on our own.  You other bastards don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of making it a week without total devastation.  OMG I wish I could see it all.  And perhaps I will because they will keep things going on the internet because they do love their own press.

I'll be there right up until the motor that runs their world stops.  Then I will begin building on their ashes.  And making damned sure they don't ever come back.  They will be the monsters in the stories we tell children in the future to keep them from doing stupid, altruistic things.  Libtards will be nothing more than a cautionary tale in some preschoolers picture book.

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