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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Building On The Ashes

Last night my blog posting was pretty bleak.  Things are going to get a hell of a lot worse, mainly because of the inertia caused by the inability of the rational mind to grasp what is really going down in DC.  The ability of the human mind to fool and lie to itself is so readily apparent in the past 10 years that it really comes as no surprise to me that most folks are standing around going "No, that ain't happenin'!"

Just because you don't like what is happening doesn't mean that if you deny it is, indeed, happening that it just stops.  Just because you knew something as it was doesn't mean it will always be that way.  If you tried to prevent the change, then good for you. However, if you just stood around wringing your hands, denying it was happening, changing, waiting for Superman to come save you, then you deserve everything that happens to you.  Chance prefers the prepared mind.  When you cry out "This wasn't what I wanted!", I will not hear you.  You scoffed when I tried to prepare you, tried to warn you.  No sympathy here, hon, try the bar down the road.

I'm going to be busy rebuilding after the house of cards the Libtards have spent the past century building crumbles into a huge pile of ash burned by the fires of rational men who refuse to be slaves.  So I am, understandably not looking forward to watching the country I love and respect explode in a conflagration of greed and stupidity. But, I do look forward to rebuilding that country into an even stronger nation that loves and guards it's freedom and liberties more than it seeks the approbation of others who do not matter.

I do not seek the punishment of Barry, Nancy Legosi or their ilk.  I know that the complete and utter ruin of their agenda is punishment enough.  I am pretty sure that some very bitter clingers will make sure their suffering is not long lived.  As Thomas Jefferson once said, the Tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of Patriots.  They're not patriots, but up against the wall I don't think anyone is really going to blame anyone for what becomes of them.

There is one thing I wish had been put into The Constitution that never was and that is "congress shall make no law abridging the freedom on production and trade..."  Totally free market.  Unfettered Capitalism.  It's enough to give a girl the vapors. Imagine all of the governmental fetters undone by getting rid of all of the agencies that were created to impede success and innovation. Dear God in Heaven it's a beautiful sight.  All that money in the government coffers.  No more welfare.  No more public education.  Jesus Christ, we might be able to do away with any and all income tax!  Your money will be your own!  HA!  Take that Congress Critters.

Nancy Legosi has just grabbed her smelling salts.

Production would explode.  Innovation would go into the stratosphere.  Jobs would be available to all seeking work.  Those who do not wish to earn their living will soon learn there is no free lunch anymore. Personal Responsibility will be the new coin of the realm.  Hard work, using your mind will be golden.  Old fashioned ideals, say the grasshoppers of the Libtard Class.  In my new world if you can't think one sensible thought an hour you will be physically moved to California and left there to make it on your own.  Build a wall around California and put all the Libtards there.  OMG, I can't stop laughing.  But when they all eat each other we can reclaim it.

See, I'm very forward thinking.  East Coast Libtards will be starved by their own elitism and laziness.  Hard to recognize old Yankee know-how up there isn't it.  Those of us in the Low, sloping forehead flyover country will be busy rebuilding in the image our forefathers intended.  Farmers, manufacturers, idea mean, venture capitalists, all of us will be doing what we love best, working hard to make us better than ever before, looking toward a bright future in which joy is the expected norm, not the squalor and misery the Libtards worship like Al Gore does Global Warming.

Not everyone I know will be in this future with me.  I know far too many people who are waiting for Superman to save them from themselves.  I'll be honest, I won't miss them.  For the first time ever, I will be surrounded by people who get it, get me, who understand what the motor of the world is and that the fuel for that engine is freedom.

Oh yeah, and drinks are on me for that first breath of free air in over a century.

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