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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Herding Those Silly Tea Baggers

The above is possibly one of the best remembered Super Bowl videos ever.  No one remembers the company it was for, or even what product they might have been selling, but they all remember the cat herding.  At the end of the video, EDS, for whom this commercial was produced, says, "In a sense, this is what we do."

I imagine it's what the Republican Party feels about the Conservative TEA Party movement.  Those rascals just won't stay in the box the Libtards and RINOs want them nailed in to.  If it were up to those two groups the TEA Partiers would be interred in re-education camps and not allowed to vote ever again. If you can see any difference between the Liberals and the Republicans, please do point them out, for I am convinced they exist on nothing more than the Higgs-Boson level.

I know, you're saying, "I haven't heard from those TEA Party folks in a while" and you'd be right.  We're building up more steam after losing an important election where we saw the exact prophecies of Ayn Rand played out on our TV sets. I'm telling you, it can get downright depressing when you are pointing out the bloody obvious to people who are supposedly sane and rational and yet they still smile blankly and mumble "free stuff" while pulling a lever.  Frankly, I wanted to start my own country, and I still might.  Citizenship is based on proving yourself able to support yourself. Kind of like the old USA used to be before Libtards realized it was a path to votes and more ballot cattle.  I could not foresee myself accepting the piece of crap in the White House and his Ilk (really big deer, see I made a wildlife funny).

I'm getting way distracted while writing this article so let me draw it for you in a broad stroke.

TEA Party will be here, however the RINOs will be sent packing back to Napa Valley right along wih Diane Fienstein and Nancy Legosi.  When their policies cause this country to crumble and fall, we will be here to pick through the ashes and rebuild it in our own image.  Good thing I'm pretty.

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