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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Gun Control: The Faerie Tale and The Reality

With the recent to-doing about the 2nd Amendment and all other liberal stories, I thought it incumbent upon myself to correct some inaccuracies in the narrative to help those with the Liberal Mental Disorder cope with things like truth and reason.  Besides, the imp told me to do this.  I hate it when the brat wins.

Faerie Tale 1 - All gun owners are crazed mad men who go about all liquored up shooting at anything that moves.

Reality - Most gun owners have a layer of dust so thick on their firearms that they have to take severe allergy medications before cleaning them to use them. We keep ours in cases and take them out occasionally to clean them, before we use them for target practice or hunting, in the appropriate season with a state issued license.  We don't have these things lying about, ready to grab and aim at the first person to walk up to our door.  Dear God in Heaven, we're in the buckle of the Bible Belt.  They could be missionaries collecting money for pygmies in Africa or something!

Faerie Tale 2 - All gun owners hunt for sport, leaving the dead carcasses of their kills lying about.

Reailty - Most of us hunt for the fun of it and because we actually do eat the meat from the animals we kill, unless we're killing hogs that abound in my area of Texas. Can't eat that meat.  We have fun barbeques with the dove, ducks, deer, etc., that we kill.  Hey, we even do fish fries with the bass and catfish we catch.  In fact, we're limited as to the number we can "bag" and catch.  If it is more than we can eat after processing, I know for a fact that most of us donate the food to charities the sponsor food kitchens.  Venison jerky has a life span of about half a minute in my house.  My question is this, if you're not donating the food you can't eat to soup kitchens, how does that make you morally superior to the hunter who does provide?

Faerie Tale 3 - All gun owners only want to mow down every single innocent man, woman and child standing in this country.  They all just live to get their gun off.

Reality - Bullshit.  Let me be very, extremely clear on this.  I don't know of one single sane, rational person who owns a gun who wants to shoot another person.  One. Single. Sane. Rational.  Look at those four words, see if you can string them together and understand what it means.  Killing another human kills something inside you.  Just ask any of the soldiers who have been to combat zones.  No one that is sane or rational takes even that sort of death lightly.  I don't know of anyone who has had to draw their weapon, ever.  And I have family in law enforcement.

I would have to say that this self-perpetuating myth was started by the idiots and Hollywood and then carried on by the Liberal Media for whom this narrative is essential.

Just about everyone I know owns some sort of "gun", or as we like to say "firearm".  Some have hand guns for protection or because they really just like target shooting and others have shot guns and rifles for hunting.  I know a few people, like a handful, who have a concealed carry license.  I know a lot more who are going to classes for it this year.  Why the exponential shift?  My best guess would be they sense the shift in society and plan to be prepared.  The Zombie Apocalypse is coming, my friend.  We just never figured that Liberals didn't actually have to die to become one.  Please note, anyone who cannot think for themselves is a Zombie.

The fact of the matter is, gun owners are just like everyone else, except they own a gun.  I love the myth that in Texas we all walk down the street packing and drawing on anything that scares us or startles us.  Most of the hand gun owners I know are women.  If you saw these women you would laugh yourself silly to think of them pulling a gun out of their purse, but there you have it.  They are determined to not become victims, which ruins the feminist narrative.  My body My choice only counts if you want to kill the unborn baby you created and then don't want the responsibility for.

The second amendment does not spell out which weapons we are "allowed" by the government to have.  It did not come with an expiry date.  If it meant single load rifles and pistols, the Founding Fathers would have spelled that out, just as they would have spelled out Freedom of the Press only counts for one page at a time printing presses.  Yet they didn't, so it covers these magical modern conveniences.

It's like I pointed out to a nun who was at a Death Sentence vigil at the Prison in Huntsville.  If God was against Capital Punishment Jesus would have decried it on the cross.  And yet, he did not.  According to my belief system, this is an acceptance that it was not a bad thing or a good thing, but a necessary thing.

Plus, on the upswing, I also own bats, crow bars, knives, swords, forks, toothbrushes, sponges, candy wrappers, aluminum foil, plastic bags, garden rakes, spades, limb chippers, garden stakes, nails, household chemicals, tie downs, bungie cords, pieces of wood, fertilizer, clay pots, etc.

I don't "need" a gun to kill anyone.  If you got into legislating everything I could possibly kill another person with, you'd have to lop off the arms and legs of every person born in this world. 
Because I can use those, too.

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