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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Creating Equality Where There Is None

My eldest is a curious sort and right now his curiosity is taking him into the realm of physics.  So today, to help him understand some basic concepts of the Big Bang Theory I played a video of João Magueijo, the Bad Boy of Physics and his VSL theory.  Questioning the one major constant in physics is a no on so Varying Speed of Light make Senhor Magueijo a physics heretic.  You don't have to have a great understanding of theoretical physics to get this article.  Because, as usual, it brought things philosophical to mind while I watched his mind unwrap the present I had just given him (along with some book by Feinman).

The problem that physicists have the Magueijo and Albrecht's VSL theory is that they believe that all things are equal in the universe, despite all the evidence around them that suggests otherwise. Occam's Razor breaks down at that point, because all things cannot be equal.  Sure, you can suggest that in microchemistry anything on a balance is equal, but is it really?  What if you're off by one Higgs-Boson particle?  Are they still, indeed, equal?  Yes, I know, hair splitting, but there you have it.  Thus is theoretical physics and philosophy.

Scientists, real scientists, not the morons running around today trying to get money to blow on Climate Change or whatever they are calling it now, believe that the one universal constant is the speed of light. It's so accepted as being universal truth that it is the letter c in equations as the symbol for the speed of light.  As in E=mc2.  See?  Energy = mass times the speed of light squared... uh oh, wait a tic, speed of light squared but nothing can go faster than the speed of light, but in our most fundamental understanding, most elegant equation EVER we square it?  Oh yes, hypocrisy thy name is scientist...  But to get back to my original point, consider physicists liberals... All things are equal, nothing can make them unequal.  If we consider L is the liberal and that s is for stupidity and e is for equality then we could posit L=se2.  Liberal equals stupidity times equality squared.

Yes, I sorta made a physics funny.

There is no such thing as equality in the universe.  None.  There is no such thing as fair in the universe, only a concept of justice that no one seems to get when it comes to explaining it.  Social Justice is just as real as the Easter Bunny, but see if you can get any libtard to understand the concept of neither existing.  Consider Joao Magueijo's example of the Constant Speed of Dogs.  In greyhound racing there is a maximum speed at which any greyhound can run considering the length of leg, stride, etc.,. So there is a finite speed at which the best dog can run.  Same goes for human beings.  All dogs are not equal.  Some are taller, some are shorter.  Some have the perfect running gait, some don't.  Even if you put, into one race, dogs of the same shoulder height, to some weird degree of accuracy, there would still be a winning dog and a losing dog.  It's why we bet on the stupid races.  You can get dogs of the same height, same weight, same color however, there will be one dog who is better than the rest.  You cannot change that irrefutable law of the universe no matter how many stupid laws and rules you enact.  You cannot change it ever.  No matter what you do, you cannot change it.  This is what drives the libtards absolutely bat shit insane.

It is the only Universal Constant I've found that nothing is equal ever.  NOTHING.  EVER.  No matter how badly you want to make it so, it cannot be so because there is nothing uniform or understandable about the universe we inhabit. It is the differences in this that make US possible.  Not just us, but the differences within each and every one of us. Sure, there are other 5' 10" redheads in the universe that weight 160 lbs.  Do they look like me?  Do they think like me?  Do they want the same things I do?  No.  There may be one smarter than I, faster than I, prettier than I.  We are all 5' 10" redheads that weigh 160 lbs so how come we're not exactly the same?  Because people are not the same.  We all need the same things, food, water, shelter, but after that it's all a crap shoot.  But what about the things we need?  Are they equal?  No, just that we need them, not that we all need the same things.  There may be some tall red head out there who eats artichokes all the time to meet her food requirement and another who eats a well balanced diet.  I prefer iced tea to just about any other liquid on this earth.  Another tall red head named Angela may prefer milk, which I cannot drink.  I like my ranch style house.  Another may prefer Early Federal architecture to be the cat's meow.

Libtards break down on the equality issue because they cannot see humans beings as well, human beings, unique and as different from each other as can be.  It's why they do so many twin studies.  They are trying to find the differences in two genetically matching humans in the hope they can eradicate all difference and thus their idea of equality.  So Libtards are the String Theory of philosophies.  Their "theories" break down when you get down to the bare basics of it.  If you are a square peg, they will cut you up to make your fit into their round hole, thereby making you equal, in their eyes, to everybody else.

The libtards totally discount the human mind.  To them we have no minds, only their elite possess the ability to think and reason and then hand down their wisdom to us and we just repeat it back by rote with no real understanding of what we're saying.  Public education anyone?

My mind is unique to me. There are many people out there I consider some of the smartest on the planet.  My husband is one of them, but he's also the dumbest smart man I've ever run in to. He's blood brilliant when it comes to things scientific.  However, ask him when the water bill is due or even how you pay the water bill and you will be astounded.  You'd pretty much peg him for a retard.  He gets a blank look on his face and begins to stammer and stutter in an attempt to appear as if he knows the answer, then he will pull something out of his ass as an excuse and make you either furious or roll with laughter.  That's who he is, the Absent Minded Professor.  Now, ask me to explain router blades and I'll do the same exact thing he does about the water bill.  Only, I will readily admit I don't know the answer.  My self-confidence is not in always knowing the right answering, but knowing I can find the right answer somewhere.  It would explain a lot of my browser history.

Equality, like the constant speed of light is a nice theory, but it breaks down when you really being to look at it.  The concept is a nice fairy tale that does not exist in nature on any level.  Just ask Sheldon Cooper.

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