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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Respect For Self

This morning, heinously early for most humans, I was taken aback by a woman I follow on Twitter.  I will admit, it was her name that drew me in, and her comments that kept me with her.  Melissa Ortiz, aka @iBuyMyOwnShit on Twitter made comment today.

Bravo! Thanks for being one of the few young women out there with an ounce of respect for self and for expecting the same from a man that you expect of yourself. Relationships are difficult enough without adding dependency into the mix.

She made a keen observation, though.  Why are there so many men out there happy to live on women while being unemployed and addicted to PlayStation?  Were they all made to listen to the Chi-Lite's "Oh Girl" and only hooked on the line, "let the woman take care of you"?

I spend most of my day surrounded by young women who are working while their men stay at home.  It's funny, the only time I see the men in their lives is on payday when they are dropping off their women so they can then go out and spend their money. Granted, there are not a lot of titty bars around here, but I often see the girls crying in the break room, trying to get their man on the phone because their money, that they've earned is already gone and boyfriend ain't there to pick them up from their crap job.  I must add that most of these women have one or more children and have never been married.  Most of these women are also on public assistance and only work long enough to keep their benefits for the year.  I must also add that most of these women can barely read and speak as if conjugation of verbs in a proper manner was never taught in their schools.  As if grammar was not more important than indoctrination to the liberal claws.

Not one of these women has any self-respect at all.  There is no pride.  There is no sense of self because they have been taught that they are nothing without a man to impregnate them to make more dependents.  If they don't have a man they can't get pregnant and no one will love them.  This is disgustingly sad that these girls buy into that crap.  Sometimes I just want to shake them silly.

First of all, every single one of them could be so much better than they are if they just, for once in their lives lived by the rules Melissa Ortiz does.  They need to buy their own shit, stop expecting someone to come in and save them from themselves.  They don't need men who are only going to exploit them and bring them low.  That's not love, that's predation.  Especially when they take off the moment they help with conception.  They need to live by the motto, don't breed what you can't feed.  Don't breed dependence, don't feed dependence.  That goes for men, especially.

If you have a man in your life who is too lazy to work, too lazy to look for work, too lazy to learn to work, kick his lazy ass to the curb.  No, you won't have a man in your life, but honestly, was he a man to begin with?  Or was he some piece of shit looking for someone to sponge from while looking for the next thing he could sponge from. Realize you are nothing but a way station to these slugs and move on.  You don't love them, they don't love you.  You are buying into the concept that sex is love and that you aren't truly free unless you're promiscuous.  My guess is you don't have a good relationship with your daddy or never knew him at all if you accept the precept that fucking everybody you meet is a good thing and the only way to feel good about yourself.  They aren't going to love you and you will NOT love yourself.

If you have a man that you cannot identify at the welfare office as the baby-daddy, kick him to the curb.  If you cannot identify your baby-daddy at all, you need to take a serious look at you and look at what you are passing on to your children.  And remember, a prostitute is a woman who has sex for money, a whore just gives it away to anybody.  I have much more respect for a prostitute than I do a whore.  Why?  Because the prostitute realizes the worth of her sex, while a whore doesn't even realize the worth of her self.

Giving yourself away cheaply doesn't bring you love.  It brings self-hatred and do you really want to show and teach that to your kids?  Honestly, what kind of mother does that make you?  Are you showing your son that he needs to be responsible and hard-working?  Are you showing your daughters that they should hold themselves dearly and not to give themselves away cheaply?

When women stop and realize that they, themselves, are precious and worthy, then they will start expecting more from the "men" in their lives.  If those men cannot raise themselves to the standards of responsibility and working hard for a good future, then they need to not be allowed to breed more idiots just like them.  Cut them off at the cock.  Not literally. But don't let them pass their stupid, lazy genes into another generation.

Ladies, expect as much from your man as you do yourself.  You work hard to provide?  Make sure he does the same.  If he doesn't, get rid of him.  Be heartless, because your relationship has nothing to do with the heart and the heart is the most ridiculous bodily organ to use make your decisions.  Have respect for yourself, respect others.  You will find that your self-esteem rises the moment you start doing things that are respectful of you.  Screwing random men in the search for love is not one of those things.  Screwing random men in the hope that they will save you from yourself is beyond stupid.

Oh, and buy your own shit.  You will appreciate it much more.


slantright said...

insightful and on target! I wish major media would take your story and run with it.

slantright said...

I believe a FOXNEWS tour is in your future - they would educate their viewers about this epidemic that affects so many in America.

Mark Richter said...

Unfortunately, you will never get the Mainstream Media to run anything that shows how the Democratic Party has practically, if not literally, enslaved the low-income, welfare needed population.