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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The State of Edumacation

I've been working a little too hard this new year, which is a good thing, because at least I'm working when so many are not. But, I've taken this weekend because I desperately need to do so.  Given the nature of my work, I have many hours each day to ponder anything that floats over my mental transom or spend hours in deep thought about the issues facing us today and possible solutions to those problems.  And I realized one thing, it all comes down to education.

Education, not indoctrination.

Do you honestly believe that inner city schools are so awful by accident?  Look at what the teacher's unions say, then look at what they do, and you will be amazed at the hypocrisy.  Evidently even the small children sense it, despite all attempts to keep them from thinking at all.  If you doubt this in any way, I highly recommend you read David Mamet's book about the state of higher education today.  He nails it perfectly to the door.  I would go so far as to say that the book is nearly as "enlightening" as Martin Luther's proclamation as to the hypocrisy of the Catholic church.

My niece is in her final year of college to become a school teacher.  She was raised correctly by my sister and is a raging conservative. However, I am often amazed that she does not see the dichotomy between what is taught in her books and classes and what is actually practised in the classroom.  I expect she will see it more as she continues her internship, and also, if she ever leaves the state of Texas where we are still pretty Conservative.  See the Libtard word "neanderthal" for definition.  Yeah, we're bitter clingers here.

In ever inner city school they tell the children two things at the same time in the double-think that Orwell described so well in his book 1984. They are told simultaneously that they are wonderful people who deserve the world, and that they are not good enough to achieve like rich, suburban white kids because they are inherently not good enough by the virtue of being born a poor minority and they cannot do anything without the government doing it for them.  If they do manage to claw their way out of the ghetto warehouses of despair then they are labeled Uncle Toms and sell-outs.

But no, the Libtard message isn't unclear at all.

The kids are told that they have to make their futures and then led to condoms so they can have more dependents that will keep them from escaping the cycle of poverty they are generationally enured to.  "Yeah, my momma had me at 15 and is hooked on welfare like a junkie on meth, but me having a baby, unwed at 15 means I'm empowered." Empowered to what? Fill out more forms for yourself and your millstone down at the welfare office? If you doubt me, see my post from a couple of years ago about our local high school that has a welfare office on campus.  They have the office there so that the young, pregnant girls don't have to miss any classes or welfare office meetings.  They even have a day care at the school for the children of the multi-generational dependents on the system. 

You were right LBJ.  Your Great Society will keep your ballot cattle on the plantation for 100 years.  Because none of them will want to get off because they're too dependent on the government.  Like addicts to their crack pipe, they cannot live without you because you've made sure of it.

There is no CIA plot to rid us of blacks with AIDS, crack or meth.  It's a plot by libtards to keep their votes in their warehouses of despair with no way out but death because it's the ONLY way they ever get re-elected.

And thus the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.  Aye, school teachers?

You know me, I don't believe in public education.  I don't believe that I should be made to pay to warehouse kids for 13 or more years to be indoctrinated by people I would shoot if they stepped foot on my property.  I don't believe their is any more heinous a crime that telling a child that they are not good enough to do anything on their own.  I believe in telling them that they can do anything if they just think for themselves and be beholden to no one.  That last sentence explains the hatred for Clarence Thomas, Alan Keyes and Allen West.  Black men who had the gall to think for themselves and then succeed while doing so.

Now I'm thinking of a blog explaining exactly how to educate your children without any government intervention and saving yourself money while doing so.

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