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Sunday, November 11, 2012

What Are You Prepared To Do?

With all of this hand-wringing, wailing and gnashing of teeth, and overt sobbing over Barry's re-election I've sat back and observed.  I'm a great observer.  I am a keen observer of the human condition.  And, I can tell you that it sickens me, most days, to realize I share the same genetic material as other humans on this planet.  It's a widely known fact that if I had my druthers I would send most folks into space on a trajectory with the sun and no life support.  I consider most humans on this planet a waste of perfectly good oxygen.  Yes, I am a misanthrope. 

But, whose fault is it?  My first formative opinions of human being were of hippies in the 60's.  I think my hatred of hippies is also a well known fact.  Except their clothes.  I love things that don't bind, pinch or ride up on you.  I'm all about comforts, creature or otherwise.

You have to ask yourself, first, what do you want?   Really, what is it you desire at the very bottom of your well of wants?  I want to be able to forge my way in the world with little to no interference from the government or anyone who thinks they know best for me.  Better than even I myself might know.  You have to know exactly what it is you want.  Do you just want lower gas and grocery prices and everything else is up for grabs?  Or, do you want to expand your small business without some nanny gubmint type telling you what you have to do to justify their jobs and the taxes involved to keep them employed?

Once you determine what it is you want, exactly, you have to determine how to get it. Most importantly, you need to determine just what it is you are willing to do to get the desired results.  Me?  I'm willing to shoot every worthless bureaucrat in their useless, unused heads until I get to my desired goal.  However, as that is still illegal in the state wherein I reside, that is not an option I can pick.  I must choose from the options which are not illegal at this point in the game.  After they do become illegal, well, I suppose I will then be an outlaw.  But, we knew where I was heading all along.

I know of a few folks who are mad as hell at the MSM and they aren't going to take it anymore.  Luckily, being on this side of the political tracks, people have more money than the lazy, gad-abouts on the Left and they are willing to vote with their billfolds.  They plan boycotts of advertisers who buy time and space from the left-leaning journalists.  Bully for them. It really only half-way works for the Reverend Jackson and his thug ilk because people are so afraid of the "RACIST!" taint.  Taint me, Jesse.  I dare you. I will show you for the real slave whipper you are. yeah, keep on keeping them on the Liberal Plantation.

Boycotts never really work folks.  The ONLY thing that matters to liberal journalists is their reputation among the other liberal journalists.  Oh, that and their ability to parrot back the party line like a fifth grader in a spelling bee.  Pat them on their little, empty heads and they toddle off to the kool-aid table with a smile.

So, when that doesn't work, tell me, what are you prepared to do?  Buying billboards and letter writing campaigns don't matter a bit to the editorial staff at the New York Times.  CBS does not give a rat's ass if you don't buy from their advertisers because they have dozens more lined up for that 30 second spot break. Simply put, you will never, ever win that war.  So... what are you then prepared to do?  Salt the earth?  What will be left when you finally do make them go hide to grow elsewhere?

I've been saying it for over 30 years, you cannot play the game by their rules and win the war.  I'm all for playing a game by your rules and beating you with them. But if you keep changing the rules so that I can never win, I will take my ball and go home.  Get your own damned ball.

Now think about that in the very succinct playground language in which I've illustrated this allegory. Feel free to look up any and all words I've used.  Once this is posted I begin to watch my DVR again.

Stop looking at your desired outcome and look at the real outcomes of these things that have been tried in the past.  Look at the failures and why they've failed. When you really open your eyes you will see that you can never, ever work within their rules.  It's all skewed their way so that no matter what you do, they win.  In math that is called a factor of one.  They will ALWAYS win.  ALWAYS.

We don't win because cheating is anathema to us.  We know that if we win by cheating we've really only cheated ourselves.  Libtards can't and don't see it that way.  Libtards are best at hide and seek and because they never seek. They are lost, and what's most important to realize, they have no desire to be found.  You can show them knowledge but you cannot make them think.

So, knowing all of that, what are you prepared to do?  Get back with me on that.

1 comment:

Quinten Wolfe said...

I'd love to go to war against the Mainstream Media, the public indoctrination of our children in the schools, the complete ignorance of people and their lack of capable thought.

I'd love to see a revolution that unifies people against the intrusions of the Federal Government.

We need to reduce Taxes, Oil Imports, get at least SOME money from the 43% of Americans who don't pay taxes and relieve the top 6% to 8% of Americans who pay nearly 80% of the revenue the IRS gets from Taxes.

We need to raise the standards of education, not lower them so everyone can pass.

We need to return the power to the individual States, that's why we have the 10th Amendment and also return the Federal Government back to International politics and not infringing on the rights of the states.

We're in this mess now, not only because of too much Federal Government, but because people are ignorant more than they have ever been before.

You can lead people to knowledge, fact and reality, but you can't force them to accept it... They'll just have to fall on thier faces until they give Logic, Fact and Reality a try again, and then you can only HOPE it does some good.