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Saturday, November 10, 2012

And Somewhere A Hobo Laughs His Ass Off

After the elections Tuesday night, many so-called Conservatives hung their heads, beat their breasts, gnashed their teeth, then they got on with the business of their lives and making a living as much as it's allowed in our society today. Others are still bemoaning their fates, not realizing the amazing opportunity that was handed to them with the re-election of Barry.

I was honest.  I was honest, right here on my blog, when I said I did not like Mittens or his chances at the ballot box.  Abraham Lincoln once said that you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.  Change the word fool for please and you have a political axiom.  Well, in politics the former works just a well as the latter, I guess, but you understand what I am saying.  Mittens tried too hard to please everyone and you simply cannot do that.

I won't even attempt to approach the amount of voter fraud, that's for a later post, but I will point out that Barry lost every single state that has Voter ID. If we clean up fraud the Libs never win another election. Ever.

This morning I woke up to this in my e-mail.  A thought provoking letter from Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute:
We see, once again, that people did not vote on economic issues, even though more than 50 percent identified those as their top concerns in many of the exit polls. They voted their morality.  They voted their fundamental ideas. And, as Don Watkins and I discuss in Free Market Revolution:  How Ayn Rand’s Ideas Can End Big Government, the predominant moral ideal in America today is one that shuns self-interest as “greedy” and demands we serve the “needy.”
Romney lost on economics because he could not explain why economic freedom is moral. And he lost on “social issues” because he abandoned freedom altogether, opposing in one way or another such things as immigration, stem cell research, abortion, and the separation of church and state.
This is why what we at ARI do is so important: we stand for freedom consistently and we do not shirk from defending its morality. This is why Ayn Rand matters in the culture.

He is soooo very right.  We have let the Libtards indoctrinate our children, dumb down the schools and then entrench us in a society we no longer recognize, but know deep within each of us is wrong.  However, most of us have lost the knowledge on how to express that wrongness in a logical and rational manner or are drowned out by the dog whistles of the Left.

My husband tried a very good experiment with some cow-orkers (not a misspelling, so stop it) who were left leaning.  He asked the guy if he agreed with giving to private charities.  The guy said yes.  So my husband told him to pretend his finger was a gun. The guy laughed and went along with it.  My husband then demanded a dollar and gave it to a guy who was just sitting there doing nothing.  The light clicked on for the guy.  The guy who didn't get his dollar back, I might add.

I'm not taking it from you, I'm giving it to the worthless piece of crap demanding we support him while he does nothing to earn it, says the government.  And we all sit proud on our unearned virtue of altruism at the point of a gun.

So remember the words of Hugh Akston:
When thinkers accept those who deny the existence of thinking, as fellow thinkers of a different school of though - it is they who achieve the destruction of the mind. They grant the enemy's basic premise, thus granting the sanction of reason to formal dementia.

When you accept that outright theft at the point of a gun is actually altruism, you accept THEM and once you accept them, you are lost to reason and right.

Folks, we need to start cleaning out our schools.  We need to break the Teachers Unions and we need to be the hand that rocks the cradle with reason and logic and true thought.

Also, you get major points if you get the title to the blog today.

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deltasierra said...

You know what's bugging me about spending more and more and more on education (as our state is wont to do--with poor results)? SO many families with small budgets are turning out well-educated children, in half the time and for MUCH less money.

We just elected yet another Democrat governor in WA state (by a VERY slim margin, and I expect there was probably some voter fraud involved, as there has been in the past). BUT, we also voted yes on charter schools. Someone doesn't trust the regular public schools here, and for good reason.