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Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Ring Wants To Be Found

To paraphrase Gandalf in The Fellowship of the Ring, "People want to be cared for".  This explains why Barry won the election.  People talk a good game about working and doing it on their own, but for the most part, people are lazy enough and stupid enough to let others take care of them rather than taking care of themselves.  They want to be led, they want to be told to do.  In that much, Loki was right.

Whenever I watch an MSM newscast I get the feeling there are a million telepathic minds somewhere sending out one message and one message only.... "Sleep... sleep... sleep".  They could be doing this subliminally, as that's much more likely than telepaths, but what do I know.  John Carpenter was more right than he knew in 1988 when he made the movie "They Live". However, instead of disguised aliens we have to fight disguised "Moderates".

Speaking of Moderates, try something the next time you meet one.  Once they identify themselves as moderate, take one of their children or even a child and put them in the middle of the nearest road and tell them to play there.  See how the Moderate reacts.  Yeah, right.  Moderate my ass.  The middle of the road is the most dangerous place to hang out.  Pick a side.  Choose.  Decide.  Deciding not to choose is still a choice.  Inaction is still action.  If you doubt any of this I highly recommend reading Ethics by Aristotle.  A is A no matter how you try to twist it or turn it.  It will always be A and nothing you do can change it to B.

People are basically stupid and/or lazy.  Is it stupid or lazy to vote for a person you know will kill jobs, the economy and the best country ever created?  Is it stupid or lazy to demand your piece of a pie you never helped make?  Yeah, that economic pie?  You didn't bake that.  You deserve nothing from it.

People voted for Barry because they wanted cradle to grave government entitlements, welfare, food stamps, free phones, free health care and most of all, not a worry in the world as to where all these free goodies were going to come from.

I'm not taking it from you, I'm giving it to The People.

People are lazy, people are stupid and they wish to remain that way in such a manner as to refuse to see any proof as to how harmful their lazy and stupid ways are to the country that is forced to handing them everything.  They do not care, as long as they get what they are told is their "fair share".  They don't care what the logic is, they cannot think, they've been told that thinking is actually harmful for them as their betters in the government will tell them what is and is not.  They do not care that businesses fail because the burden of supporting their stupid, lazy asses has become too burdensome. They will just scream for more, like baby birds in a nest, demanding to be fed.

Oh yes, the ring wants to be found.

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