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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Ultimate Evil of Being White and/or Rich

This morning, author Janie Johnson posted a good question on Twitter:

Why does this question keep popping up: Is it white America or rich America that O believes is often “unfair?”
 This was a few minutes after reading this tweet by Daggy1:

Liberals have successfully tried to remove the stigma of unemployment in order to create more dependency on gov't. It worked.
 I don't know that many would tie these two pieces of the Liberal Puzzle together, but to me it's all interconnected and convoluted because most rational human beings refuse to believe that any sane human being could possibly think the way Libtards do.

It's unfair if you have a job that keeps paying for the malingerers on Welfare and Unemployment.  Libtards took the stigma of welfare, unemployment, unwed mothers, abortion, drug abuse, and a veritable buffet of other sins so that they could increase the number of Ballot Cattle on their Plantation. The way to keep the ignorant ballot cattle on that plantation is to tell them that the people who are actually paying for all the welfare and unemployment benefits are evil, greedy, selfish assholes who want to steal everything away from them.

Now, I want to pose a question.  Why do Libtards always presume the starting position of capitalism is exploitation and theft?

The Answer?  Because they simply cannot conceive of doing business honestly or in any other way than theft and exploitation.

Greed is the desire for unearned benefits.  Greed is, in point of fact, the voracious appetite that drives every damned Libtard on the planet.  They want to steal from every producer and profit from somebody's labor.  They have no desire to come up with new ideas, start a new business.  They want to get in on somebody's business and drain away all the profit into their coffers so that they benefit.  They are the ultimate parasites.  They scream for producers to produce more all the while making it impossible for honest men to do business and sucking all the life giving capital from their endeavors.

Imagine the Libtards as one huge life sucking leech.

Only in the mind of a Libtard is it sane for a profit producing capitalist to be seen as evil.  Why is he evil?  Because he hires people at a decent wage?  Is he evil because he produces a good or service for which people are willing to trade money?  Is he evil because he will often go without pay to make sure his few remaining workers have paychecks and insurance so they will stay with him until the leeches drain the last of his resources away?

Liberal Hollywood makes movies where aliens come to the earth ready to kill the populace and rape our planet for it's resources.  Hollywood is Liberal, and they are so stupid they don't see this is their modus operandi, not that of capitalists.  It's pure greed and they have the temerity to say the venture capitalist is the epitome of their alien monsters.  Watch movies from Hollywood and you will see the unrecognized mirror the Libtards hold up for us to see their philosophy, their plans and their ultimate goal.

Libtards are the largest Death Cult ever on this planet and even most rational people don't see it, or refuse to see it because we love life so much that we have a hard time realizing that most do not.

And that, my friends, is the Ultimate Evil.

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