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Friday, November 23, 2012

Obamacare and the DMV

Reportedly, Paul Krugman who writes about the economy and financing, two things he knows NOTHING about, for the New York Time, said that he hopes Obamacare is like the DMV. He recently had to renew his driver's license in New Jersey and go to the doctor, all in the same week.  Apparently, all of the form filling and line waiting at the DMV got to Krugman, who merely had to wait in his doctors office while reading Newsweek... oh wait, no he can't do that anymore.

I wonder if Krugman has the brain power to extrapolate the it's the bureaucracy of the DMV that gives you all that form filling and line waiting?  I'm sure it hasn't since Krugman hasn't been able to pull his head out of Keynesian economic fallacies.  Libtards seem to have a hard time taking their acts to the next natural progression.  It's like their heads won't allow them to go there because then they would be disastrously wrong and therefore null and void as sentient beings.

And people scoff at my plan to send them all into space with no life support.

I have tons of friends in Canukia, aka Canada.  In fact, I have one sister-in-law from Canukia.  When she's had a bit too much we can get her to say "aboot".  It's juvenile but it cracks us up.  Anyway, with the exception of one person in Montreal, they all hate Canukia's National Health Care.  They have to wait months for "urgent" care.  If they need any blood tests it can take over a year to get it done.  It's easier to go to a private doctor, pay for it themselves and know that National Health Care will never reimburse them for it.  Just watch some of Steven Crowders stuff at YouTube.  He has a two part series about a friend of his who needed a simple blood test for cholesterol.  Talk about run around.  Every single state run office he went to told him to go to a private doctor and have it done.  Every. Single. One.

So we get bent over the table and raped without lube so that every welfare bitch in the country can squirt out her benefit babies and then we STILL have to pay for our own health care.  Before you get outraged, think about it for a moment.  And remember, Libtards are the biggest purveyors of Eugenics ever.  Hyperbole but still the truth.  Now follow me here.  And, remember, Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, wanted to get rid of all the "mud people" in the ghettos and keep the blacks and browns from overrunning the white populace of America.  Remember that rich white people are the only ones who don't breed what they can't feed.

Now, in the Libtard universe, only the rich can afford "decent" health care.  Minorities and the poor will simply go off the rolls by attrition. According to the Alinskyites, they are "acceptable sacrifices".  Then only poor whites and the few minorities left will be on the healthcare rolls, while the people who work to pay for their free healthcare, pay their own way, still.

But they love the minorities and brown people!  Sure they do, as long as they stay on the Liberal Plantation and don't breed too often.  Since we've started down this slippery slope, how long do you think that forced sterilization will be built into welfare benefits?  It will all be couched in terms of "limited resources" and start out as forced birth control, then into sterilization for the idiots who can't remember to take a pill or refuse to have a Mirena installed.  I can easily foresee, now, that all women who demand welfare benefits for their babies will be forced to accept some kind of birth control to get those benefits. Libtards cringe when Rights Wingers say "don't breed what you can't feed" but are the first to sign on when their creature comforts are threatened. In fact, you could see that their policies are even more Nazi than Hitler.  How long before all women accepting public health care are forced to undergo genetic testing for their fetuses to determine whether or not they can bring that baby to term?  Because sick babies cost more and there are no resources, so only healthy babies are allowed to come to term.  The rest are forcibly jettisoned from wombs.

I can see you, right now, sitting there going, "Oh come on!  This is America!  That will never happen!"  Uh huh.  Ask the next Chinese refugee you meet how their population control is working out.  But which population?  Which Chinese get permission for a second child?  Mandarin?  Cantonese?  Which one is more "acceptable" to the State and will be more likely to tow the party line?  Remember, these are the people who purged the intellectuals from their nation and called it a "Cultural Revolution".  Evidently it was seditious to teach that you could not consume more than you produced.

The leaders of our country today are the ones who came up politically with Mao's Little Red Book.  From where are they most likely to model their "Worker's Utopia"?

All in all I'd rather wait in line at the DMV.

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