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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Runaway Slaves

We all sat in our classrooms and learned the lesson of Harriet Tubman and what the Underground Railroad was all about when we were children.  I find it odd that we were slammed with lessons about the horrors of slavery and yet we ignore the signs all around us of modern day mental slavery.  Mental slavery is no less harmful or onerous as physical slavery, for it does encompass your entire being before long.

On my wanderings around the web this morning I found a story about Egypt removing a restriction prohibiting slavery from their new laws.  Meh, the Egyptians have continuously owned slaves longer than any race or nation on this earth, so this hardly comes as a surprise to me.  They are racially predisposed to slavery.  I'd be more surprised if they stood before the world and declared Islam a bastardization and would forever remain tolerant as they have been since the times of the Pharaohs.

Then I ran into a piece on a painter over on HuffPo.  Jon McNaughton is an anti-Obama type of person. He made a painting recently of the Reverend C.L. Bryant who put out a movie a few months ago called "Runaway Slave" about blacks coming off the Liberal Plantation of welfare, food stamps and obligate "need".  I admire and respect the man very much. I am completely behind what he's trying to do, free everyone, not just black people, from the bonds of mental slavery.  He and I are pretty much in the same business.

If you are a frequent reader, please God come back and read my skreed, you know that what I really rail about is the mental slavery the Libtards hope to keep us in so that they can sit back and pontificate that we would be free if we really wanted to be free, but since we aren't could we just vote for them and keep them in power?  Yeah, thanks.  Mental slavery is perhaps the worst kind to get rid of, as C.L. Bryant shows in his documentary, because it keeps you dependent and more than a just a little lazy.  People accept the shackles on their minds because it's easier than actually getting off their asses and doing something... anything.  Your Honor, I present, as Exhibit A, any OWS participant, and I rest.

I've never spent a moment of my life here on this planet in the slavery I recognize to easily and hate so very much.  To me, accepting those shackles would kill the person I am and I refuse to do it.  No one will tell me what to say, what to think or more importantly, HOW I should think.  I think using every bit of logic and reason I can muster on most days and I refuse to let something as ephemeral as "feelings" decide anything for me.  It's why I didn't get a tattoo until my late 40's. Something that seems like a "lark" in your twenties is an embarrassment that Tommy is cleaning up on Tattoo Nightmares 12 years later.  Something as making your skin another artist's canvas forever should be approached with something slightly resembling reason.

When put into that context, think about having to be tattooed against your will to mark you as the property of Nancy Legosi.

And here endeth the lesson because I've just made myself ill.

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