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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Forgetting History

I've been ill with a virus this past week.  Granted, it does not promote deep thinking, or any thinking beyond, Oh my God who was driving that damned bus?!"  I've been perusing blogs and news sites on my Kindle as the ability roused itself.  Mostly I just stared at the back of my eyelids and moaned a lot.  Of course, I was not moaning just about my physical state, but I was so sick of the whining and crying after Obama's electoral "victory".  I say "victory" because he hardly had a landslide and it's a dubious distinction that he played the Electoral College game and only campaigned in the districts where he HAD to win to clinch the election.  Remember, majority just means 50% plus one. That's all.  I hardly call that squeak by a mandate of the people. Obama promised free shit to pieces of crap who don't want to do a damned thing for themselves.  I fully expect a bill to be introduced into Congress in the next 3 years demanding that after we hard working Americans get done with our 8 hours of slave waging, we have to then go wipe the asses of the shiftless crap that whines for more and more just like a Union Slug.

But enough of my vituperative outlook.

My son and husband are both history buffs.  As a family I think we all tend to love history, but those two guys take it to an Olympic level.  My husband's knowledge of history is a little... weird and canted towards European while my son is an adept at Chinese history and can speak knowledgeably about just about any Dynasty you can name.  I have a good grasp of Western Civilization and knowledge of the peoples of my hemisphere of this planet.  I know bugger all about any Asian history at all, other than knowing in some vague way that Ming vases do exist.

Dinner at my house is full of political and historical debate and usually winds up with all of us with our phones or Kindles challenging some comment made by someone.  My son is very upset that lately I have been right on any number of topics, according to his dubious searches.  He's a history buff but he knows nothing about researching.  I'm widely read, he is not.  I've had the benefit of an outrageous education, mostly self-taught thanks to reading and curiosity.  He does not.  He can't pick any one thing to find out more about. He skims topics then believes he is an expert.  In this manner he is very much like a Liberal.  It bothers me on a very deep level.

Someone is purported to have said that those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it.  I mean, come on, it's obvious that Hillary Clinton forgot how she got to Washington the first time around.  Mrs. Clinton, can you say "cover up"?  How about "Watergate?"  Yeah, I thought you could.  Obama's history is so mired in bullshit that I don't believe much of anything anymore other than his mother was a Socialist who whored herself out to Islam.  That's probably the kindest thing I can say about her based on what I know.  Doesn't mean she wasn't a good mom, just means she did nothing without an agenda.

It would seem that the Libtards have spent the past 50 years or so re-writing and twisting our history so that we no longer recognize it, or remember it.  I'm pretty sure that if you asked any high schooler about the Tea Party in Pre-Revolution America they would tell you that's when racist white people killed Barak Obama.  I only say that because that is an answer I received just this past week from a high school senior who is considered at the top of her class.  All she's sweating right now is her SAT scores.

We have allowed the Libtards to take over education.  They are the ones who have told us that they are much better qualified to teach our children values than are we, ourselves.  They've taken over our schools and our universities and we have sat back and let them.  We only have ourselves to blame.  The first time we sat back and let Oakland schools try to push Ebonics as a legitimate language and did nothing whatsoever to shut them down, they won.  And we let them.  When women's studies was considered more than a laughable elective, they won and we did nothing.  Social promotions?  We allowed them because our Libtard "betters" told us it was better to look good than to be good.  The Participation Trophy?  You're good enough just for showing up.  We let that happen and did NOTHING.

History has shown us that for evil to prevail good men just need to do NOTHING.  We are forgetting that because the Libtards are encouraging us to do so. And we just do it rather than argue with them logically because A) they don't listen to logic and wouldn't recognize if it bit their heads off, and; B) we think they might not like us if we argue with them because they come at everything from the viewpoint of a five year old child rather than a rational adult.

We've been taught to forget that in days of old people like them would have been considered idiots, morons and not allowed to survive long enough to breed more just like them.  We forget that in just recent history people just such as they were allowed tos tarve in gutters, drunk and stinking like an OWS weekender.

Let us not forget that in history it was acceptable to ignore and kill people such as the whiners and screamers on the Left.  Let us not repeat our recent history of accepting them and the garbage they spew as anything approaching the truth.

Never forget them, for they don't forget us at all.  But, you could say, they do take us for granted.  We all know what happens when you take something for granted and it suddenly is no longer there.

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