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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This is the day and time of year we see all those lists of things we are thankful for, or should be thankful for.  I hate them.  Not because I'm trying to be trendy or seem like I'm bleeding edge of anything.  I am thankful for all the things listed every single year on a daily basis.  I don't take them out of their cedar box wrappings one day a year, ponder them and then put them back.  My gratitude for all that I have lives inside me daily.  Especially when I am working in some of the biggest ignorance infested offices ever seen by intelligent life.  But, that is a whole other story...

I like that my family is with me.  I'm even happier that I'm cooking up a storm. I love cooking.  I think I am at my happiest when I'm putting some large meal together.  The logistics alone is mind-scrambling.  I love the challenge.  When I say, "my family" I don't mean the one I was born in to.  I mean the one I made with my children, most of whom are here, and my friends. These are people that know they can call me at 2 AM to bail them out or hide the body.  And I know I can do the same.

We have been going across the street to my in-laws in years past, however, my mother-in-law has COPD, has been ill and has company coming from Holland right after Thanksgiving.  I did not want her also worrying about a huge dinner. So this year I decided to make the dinner, and wouldn't you know it, her best-friend had the same idea, so they are having a quiet dinner at her home.  It gets a bit raucous with kids, dogs and one angry cat at my house.  I'm not hurt. I think my husband thought I would be.  I'm just glad she's not having to carry all that weight of a huge feast on her shoulders.

The reason I love and hate this time of year is that this is when all the purveyors of altruism are out.  I've got six weeks of non-stop "give until it hurts" spamming on TV, social media, intarweb and mail.  I give generously to the charities I have deemed "worthy".  What makes a charity worthy in my eyes? That most of their donations go into helping the people they say they want to help and not into overhead of lazy assed chairmen and boards of directors.  Places that don't have a lot of ads, because they would rather channel the money into their cause. Don't show me one Ethiopian kid and then try to make me feel guilty because I'm making a dinner that could feed a small African nation for one week.  I don't feel guilty that I can afford to make that kind of dinner for my family.  I am proud that I've earned it.  So... suck it.

I give because it makes me feel good. It's really that simple.  Ask any Salvation Army bell ringer I pass.  I'm very generous and give happily.  I know where their money goes and so I help out when I can. But it's because I want to do it and it makes me happy, not because I think I get some unearned moral righteousness from it or bonus points after I die. I take the gratification here and now or not at all when it comes to that.

So, in the spirit of the holiday, here is my list of things I'm thankful for:

  1. Matt Lauer being fired by NBC.  
  2. Expecting people in India to read English better than our most ignorant ghetto trash.
  3. Understanding that printing money undermines the economy and does not make it stronger.
  4. Topical Steroids
  5. Tar shampoo
  6. Electricity
  7. iPhones
  8. Birkenstocks
  9. Spell Check
  10. Motorcycles
So, yes, as you can see, I am grateful for so much.  Now I'm off to clean a turkey and prepare it for roasting. Wish me luck, I haven't done this in years!


Quinten Wolfe said...

Reminder.. those are THINGS

Severine said...

THINGS for which I am thankful! Think about it and realize how awful your comment is