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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Four More Years

So Barry won last night and for that I am delighted.  If the man was as smart as all of his sycophants believe, he would have tried a lot harder to lose the election and fade into the obscurity where he belongs.  I'm actually rubbing my hands together in anticipation.  I want full on impeachment.  I want Watergate forgotten in the rain of hell we bring down on this Narcissist in Chief's head.  Who does this?  Congress does this.  More importantly, the House does this.  Oh wait, who controls the House?  Republicans do.

Folks, this is important to remember, very important to remember, this ill-equipped, self-absorbed idiot allowed 4 men to die in Libya because he did not want us finding out that he had been supplying guns to Syria through Libya's Arab Spring and that the bulk of the weapons were housed in... Benghazi.  That's what Ambassador Chris Stevens was doing there without his security detail.  Hiding the proof, even after his desperate cables to DC begging for more and better security in the region.  That's why the CIA and FAST teams were told to stand down, which could only have come from the Coward in Chief.

More on that later.

For any of you dumbasses out there who hope to assassinate the president before we can impeach him, I will give you this one warning.  If you, in any way, deny me the chance to nail this guys balls to the floor, I will hunt you down and do to you everything I want done to him, then hand you over to the families of the dead for their revenge.  So you had better make damned sure he lives.  You had better be his personal, fucking Secret Service.  Make it YOUR mission in life that he lives.  I will not be denied.  Because I want it every bit of televised and public as he loves.

Now that the idiots of our country have been allowed to elect their shining example of ineptitude and the Peter Principal to vacation his way through four more years, we have to get to serious work.  This means more than TEA Party rallies.  We need to get our House of Representatives out of their damned coma and impeach this man and his cronies and make sure they never see the light of day or a TV camera ever again.  This pampered Primadonna has sold out the Poles, the Israelis and now his own servicemen.  Make sure your Representative is on board with impeaching his ass all the way to Leavenworth.  Make calls, email and by god make your voice heard.  Do not let those Navy SEALs have died in vain.

I rarely engage in any action with any taint of emotion because you don't think clearly, but by God I am angry in a way I've not yet experienced.  I feel as if every damned American out there has let me down for voting for "free goodies".  For those of you who kept this cretin in office I have a quote for you and you may believe it:

Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an 'orrible cunt... me.

Do you see my avatar on this site?  Nemesis and I will be Obama's personal pain in the ass just before they close his cell doors in Leavenworth or Gitmo, not exactly sure where he needs to go.


deltasierra said...

A reason I would be truly ticked if someone assassinated Obama before he could be convicted of idiocy -- besides the fact that a president has not been successfully assassinated in this country since the 60s -- is that THEY WOULD LEAVE US WITH BIDEN.

I would happily wish the death penalty on anyone -- ANYONE -- who gives us a President Biden. If there is any person alive who would make foreigners wish Death to America, it's Biden.

For that matter, I don't want to see Obama impeached if it means Biden will take over. God help us!!!

northforknut said...

That is also my fear! If anyone WAS to assassinate that treasonous bas**rd they would have to make it a two in hand situation and take them BOTH out! Can you IMAGINE that ignoramus as Commander in Chief?