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Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's 3 AM Barry

Like everyone else in the nation I've watched, in the weeks since our ambassador was killed in Libya, and watched Olympic level Blame Throwing.  Everyone in Barry's administration is screaming, "It's not my fault!" while running for political cover.  Everyone's actions from Barry on down to Leon Panetta is disgraceful and a shame on all of us.  Because We The People put them there. Every single person who voted for our current president shares the blame, but most of all the blame goes to Hilary Clinton.

For all of you screwing up your foreheads trying to figure it out, let me lay down a line of logic for you.  No, you can't snort it, but perhaps you can come out of your drug induced haze long enough to realize what you have wrought.

In 2008 when Barry started running for president it was pointed out that he was the least experienced of any of his Primary running mates. However, because he is half-black (apparently at the proper levels for Liberal racism to recede) he had to be president.  It didn't matter that he had only been groomed by The Chicago Machine to run and not really serve.  He'd been a US Senator for what, 5 minutes, before he threw his hat into the Presidential Primary.  Hilary Clinton, perhaps the most qualified of that entire race kept pointing out his lack of record, questioned his birth place and ran the infamous "3 AM" political ad.  Guess what, that phone rang at 3 AM in the White House, Barry is Pres and our ambassador and Navy SEALs died because he could not act without a Politburo political officer there to tell him how to act, so he did not act at all.  Then, to hide his inaction and ineptitude, he lied and directed those below him to lie about the whole thing.  First it was a YouTube video, then it was David Patreus' fault, and now Leon Panetta has his political ass on the line.

I've been sitting and watching this Blame Throwing contest with a cola and a bowl of popcorn.  It's better entertainment than The Big Bang Theory on Thursday nights.  So, being me, I started doing some digging and listened very carefully to what was being said.  And let me be very clear here, it's upset me to no end that I live in a house with three Marines and not one of them ever pulled embassy duty.  I have another back door who was in Somalia during the recent unpleasantness and not one of them has any idea what happens when one of our Ambassadors is under attack.

And then let me lay this on you before I start to explain exactly what happens if our embassy is under attack, the last time one of our ambassadors was killed was in the mid-1970's.  Let that percolate through the layers.

When one of our embassies comes under attack there is a lot of, what the intelligence community likes to call, SIGINT for signals intelligence.  The Watch Commander at the embassy will go down into the bowels of the embassy and send Flash Traffic to DC (it's like an IM or instant message) that the Ambassador is "in peril".  Now, stop and think about that for a moment.  Watch Command declared our Ambassador in Libya on September 11, 2012.  No, it's a spontaneous riot caused by a YouTube video no one on this planet watched until the Administration went all over the Sunday talk shows and screamed it from their molehill.

Our Ambassador to Libya was under attack, and declared In Peril and no one in the CIA or DoD thought to scramble the ever ready team in Rota, Spain to provide cover and put the regional Emergency extraction team into action.  Now, from current intel that the American Public has thanks to FOIA, the CIA told their Watch Command at the Embassy in Tripoli "Permission Denied, Stand Down".

Permission Denied?  Stand Down?  Barry keeps having his subordinates thrown under the bus, but the bus keeps swerving, heading for the true author of all the devastation in Libya.  Barry didn't want to be bothered by an emergency with terrorist overtones during his race for another term, so he took a swing and whiffed big time when our ambassador and 4 Navy SEALs were murdered by Stone Age Fanatics.  He failed.  Considering the long list of failures in his only term as President, he's given up all rights to another term.  He lies about everything.

This is Hilary's 3 AM phone call ad come to life and we find out, four years later, she was prescient in a way none of us wanted to accept.

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