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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fit for Publication

In the first part of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged Dagny Taggart holds a press conference for the opening of the John Galt line.  I've always loved this particular passage because it speaks so clearly to what I've always recognized about the media.  It begins with this passage:

"The reporters who came to the press conference in the office of the John Galt line were young men who had been trained to think that their job consisted of concealing from the world the nature of its events. It was their daily duty to serve as audience for some public figure who made utterances about the public good, in phrases carefully chosen to convey no meaning. It was their daily job to sling words together in any combination they pleased, so long as the words did not fall into a sequence saying something specific.  They could not understand the interview now being given to them."
 Dagny starts out the interview explaining John Galt line, the plans for business, I guess, what the morons in charge now call a "mission statement".  What an absurd term.  Mission statement for secular humanists who worship at the altar of atheism and Darwinism have a mission?  Does anyone see the inherent hypocrisy in that phrase?  Anyone?

OK I got a little off track there, let's blame Manfred Mann and leave it at that.

Anyway, Dagny then goes on to explain the rails, the science on the bridge they built and then pronounces that she plans on seeing until profit for her industry from the line.  She ends by saying, "That is all."  Then one young snot-nosed reporter asks her if she's sure that's all, doesn't she have a message for the public.  My favorite line is when she says, "That was my message." 

The ignorant reporter just can't leave it be, he asks her to justify her line, to justify going ahead building a line on untested metal and building a bridge that everyone who knows nothing about the metal says is no good.  Then they ask for her motive.  She says, "I have told you: the profit which I expect to make."

Every time I read that I feel like cheering.

But let's look at the reporters a moment because they simply could not believe an honest person, they had dealt with the lies, the half-said, the tacit understanding, the wink and a smile for too long that when someone came right out and said what they meant, they were stymied.  How could they put a spin on it if someone was telling them how to spin it?

For the past 30 years the mainstream media has gotten so used to taking dictation from the Liberal betters that they have forgotten what real journalism is about.  They can't ask the questions that haven't been approved beforehand, they simply can no longer think as rational human beings and have thus become nothing more that human dictaphones for the Democrat Party.  The only time they seem to find their journalistic balls is when they are pointed at an opposition candidate and told what to say, which questions to ask and how.  They don't know what any answer may mean, their betters will tell them how to spin it, take it out of context and make it a lie, and then a statistic.

Doubt me?  Watch MSNBC for five minutes.  I dare you!  If you can detect any intelligence coming from that Moonbat Asylum I'll pay you $100.  Rachel Madcow and Little Chrissy Tingles alone blew their credibility long ago.

Why has newspaper readership gone down so far so fast?  People are sick of the lies and they vote with their wallets.  I refuse to pay to be lied to so I don't subscribe to anything I haven't found to be 100% honest.  So I subscribe to exactly two periodicals and they are both delivered wirelessly to my Kindle.  I never believe any news story I haven't checked out with at least four other sources, even then I can sometimes be very, very leery.  Ask Brad Thor. I didn't believe his Afghanistan scoop until I'd verified it with my own sources and that took days. Yeah, I'm a real trusting soul.   Thor's story was published on one of my trusted sites, however, it was so fantastic and Thor writes excellent fiction, I was compelled to confirm it. I follow Reagan's advice, trust but verify.

Now, with the Benghazi fallout, we are seeing the true colors of the media in sickening detail.  ABC refuses to even report on it and news of one 4 Star General and one Navy Admiral being relieved of duty for "inappropriate judgement", as reported in Stripes and The AP is being buried on page 18 somewhere and not even mentioned in newscasts.  I don't even think Fox has reported that as of this posting.

Where is the outrage and indignity express by every American during Watergate?  Do you only get pissed if a conservative Republican is in office?  Shame on the press for being shills for dirty little politicians.

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