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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Now What?

One of my favorite comics strips was one about a couple having a baby and confronting the challenges of raising a child.  The very first trip that appeared was in a Sunday color strip and it was a picture of the mother in the hospital bed holding the baby and the father looking down at both of them from the bedside with a bemused look on this face. There was one thought bubble above their heads with the text, "Now what?" inside.  I defy one person who has had a child tell me this didn't occur to them upon holding their child on the first day.  Pregnancy is all about expectancy, it's why it's called "expecting" and not "bloating" or "urinating" or just plain old "exhausted".  Once the baby comes the real work begins.  It's a job you never stop doing, no matter how grown your kids are.

Today a passing remark I spied on Twitter reminded me of this comic strip.  However the subject was not about pregnancy or raising a baby, it was about Obama's win in 2008 and how Iowa Dems feel like there is no excitement for Obama in 2012 as there was in 2008. Really?  Is it because you know nothing new is going to happen?  Is it because this time around you can no longer pretend that you wanted this?

When Obama became the Anointed One of the Liberal class they were happy, giddy and excited in a way you can only experience during pregnancy.  They were excited about something new happening.  It didn't matter that Hillary Clinton was also running as the first Woman president.  Barry was BLACK!  OMFG!  A Black President! How much unearned moral superiority points do you get for voting for the most unqualified person to run for the presidency since Warren G. Harding?  It didn't matter that he had absolutely no experience doing anything but running for office and voting present.  It didn't matter that his mother was an American hating commie who raised him Muslim and it wasn't even clear if he had been a natural born citizen (yes, that most important phrase of The Constitution).  All that mattered to most people in America was the fact that they could go around bragging that they had voted for the First Black President and show how morally superior they were.

What happened once the idiot was in office?  Nothing has happened except passing Obamacare, a piece of legislation so poisonous that Nancy Legosi and Dingy Harry Reid burned up all their political capital getting it passed to a country who didn't ask for it, didn't want it and is pushing hard to get it repealed.  That is his legacy.  He's not gotten a budget passed.  Nancy Legosi lost her majority in the House and Dingy Harry may lose the Senate for them as well.  What will either of them do when they have to go home?  I doubt either one of them would recognize their home districts or states if dropped in with a map to their homes.

It almost appears that once they got Barry elected most Libs sat on their hands with a "DUH" look on their faces, with no idea what to do with him once they actually got him there.  Then his administration was one cock up after another. From bowing and apologizing to everyone he met to the worst, our Ambassador being killed along with 4 Navy Seals in Libya, after everyone in the country was screaming for more security and it being denied by the State Department.  If Jimmy Carter ever doubted before that he had lost his Mantle of Worst President EVAR, he had to have been put to ease in the past 3 weeks of one screw up after another by Barry who more than earned that mantle.

Four years after electing the First Black President and gathering their unearned moral superiority points Libs and Moderates are still sitting in the middle of the road with one thought bubble over their head.  But now, "Now what?" isn't spoken in bemusement.  It's spoken in dread as they ignore the semi truck speeding down the road.

Right now the Obama campaign is trying to ruin Romney's surge among women voters.  It will backfire as badly now as it did when tried by an opponent of Romney's twenty years ago.  Because Libs never learn from their mistakes.  They keep trying to same crap time and again, no matter how badly it fails.  We all know that this is the definition of insanity.  But... But... It will work THIS time!  This is their rally cry.

Now what?

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