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Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Importance of Voting

Next Tuesday we, as a nation, will have our voices heard as we choose the next leader of our country.  In the past I have always voted in ever single major election that has come down the pike, on election day, with one exception.  I voted early as I would be out of town during an off-year election cycle.  I don't believe in early voting for anything other than expatriation, military service, out of town or infirm.  Voting is not a convenience. It is our civic duty.  We employ the politicians and they serve at our pleasure, not theirs.

Remember that come election day.

As I write this, it's nearly 4 AM CDT and I am awake because I could not stop dreaming about election day horrors.  This is what I get for falling asleep reading a murder mystery.  Thanks Eileen Wilkes!  My worry comes from the younger generation who have been taught that their vote doesn't count. They have had this drilled into their heads and the Electoral College made out to be some sort of Illuminati type operation that runs this country politically.  This country's ignorance will be its undoing.  What passes for public discourse is a joke.  It's like watching the movie Idiocracy.

I knew that this election cycle would be brutal.  I knew that it would be sickening, however, I never figured it would be this... stupid.  I've heard the most woefully misunderstood things come from both sides... well, three if you count the Paulians as anything more than space aliens. But I leave them out because they are frothy-mouthed fringe freaks who need to smoke more pot and STFU.

We vote people in to and out of office for a reason.  It's because our Founders never figured on anyone wanting to serve for long.  They were all men who had been torn from their homes and occupations to build this country and all any of them wanted to do was go back home and get back to the lives they'd led before King George got so stupid. When anyone in any state refers to any congressional seat as a person's seat in that person's name, we've gone off the rails and forgotten what our votes mean.  In other words, gentlemen and ladies, if you can't get the job done in your elected term, then perhaps you need to come home and give someone else a try. Think of the horror of lobbyists with no politicians in their pockets.  It would spell the end of their jobs.  Lobbyists are former politicians who can't leave DC.  They love the seat of power and the money that comes with it.  If anyone in this country is evil, they are it.

We get too comfortable and keep voting for the guy whose name we recognize from the evening news.  No one should be in congress more than 12 years.  Ever.  I've despised incumbency for as long as I've recognized it for what it is.  Horses who can't leave the feeding trough.  Horses are stupid, folks.  Remember that.

We don't need these folks to solve our problems. We need them to keep the roads good, the bridges safe and our military outfitted and the best in the world.  We need for them to set tariffs and trade with other nations. We do not need them deciding our healthcare, whether or not we can build a house with a garage facing our street, and we sure as hell don't need them deciding that they get a pay raise when no one else in the country gets one... And on our dime!

Your vote counts.  Let me repeat that, YOUR. VOTE. COUNTS. And just a side note to all those out there participating in voter fraud, you are disenfranchising honest voters.  Voter ID won't do that, YOU will.

The most important message I can give to you is not who to vote for, but just VOTE.  Our fore-fathers fought and died to make sure you have that right.  Millions more died to maintain that right, and there are young men and women a world away dying for your right to pull that level on Tuesday.  It's that important.

I don't care who you vote for, but let your voice be heard.  However, I will remind you of this and third parties, a third party will never win a major, national election.  We are too inured in our two party system.  A vote for them is a vote for the other guys.  So choose one of those guys and let your voice be heard.  For that is the ONLY time in which your vote won't count like you want it too.


daveahand said...

Outstanding. Well said. Applause applause applause.

daveahand said...

Outstanding. Well said. Applause applause applause.