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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Getting Ahead of Them

It seems to me that Conservatives, because they are busy living their lives and trying to make things better for themselves and their families, are usually reactionary to any Liberal hue and cry that comes up.  They regularly catch us unaware because they are like teenaged girls sitting in their bedrooms dreaming up way to create drama where none really exists.

And then something like Fast and Furious hits and the drama queens are nowhere to be found. They're hiding at their best-friend's house in the hopes it will all blow over by dinner time so they can still go to the movie with their BFF this weekend.

What we need to do, and I sincerely mean this, is get pictures of the slaughtered Mexicans, killed by guns provided by Eric Holder and his corrupt DoJ and show them every time Obama and his adjuncts start in on the Dream Act and how much they love Mexicans breaking American laws. Tell them, en espanol, "This is what they do to Mexicans on Mexican soil."  and leave it hanging there, unfinished to let those masses draw their own conclusions. Explain, beforehand what Eric Holder and Obama did.  Obama had to have been in on it, he drew the cloak of Privilege around himself and Holder very quickly upon the Contempt hearing not going their way.

I am going to have to agree with Stephen Kruiser on this one, if there was an R behind Obama's name the Libs in this country would be screaming like a 14 year old girl denied new designer jeans and a tramp stamp.  We would be in front of our TVs watching all sorts of trials and hearings... and yet, NBC had to explain to their viewers why nary a word had been said in over a year, from them, as to all the happenings on Capitol Hill... all of a sudden.  Which begs the question, before Brietbart and Matt Drudge, how many things were we "shielded" from by our journalistic betters?

I've never cottoned to the Conservative tacit theory of ignoring problems until they go away.  Because they never do.  Problems must be solved or stomped to death if they are made up problems. Fast and Furious is not a made up problem.

Let me just lay this out for you.  So far, in the 3 horrific years the Libs have been in control we've had Obamacare, Occupy Whatever, sky high unemployment, GDP into the basement and more executive office scandals and appointees than even Richard Nixon could dream.  Jimmy Carter and Warren G Harding can rest peaceful in the afterlife (once it comes to Carter) knowing they are no longer considered the worst presidents EVAR.  Van Jones, Anita Dunn, both avowed Marxists, The guy he proposed to take over EPA who wants to crucify people?  Who the hell are these people and where on earth can we find them to make sure they never show their faces to reasoning people ever again?

Honestly, if I were a White House correspondent, I would to demand to know where Obama met with all these retards and why he feels tax payers need to pay them for being the corrupt, stupid morons they've shown themselves to be.

We need to start hitting back.  We need to hit back effectively and in such a way as our opponent cannot get back up.  Street fighting at its best.  Conservatives say that they are too good to get into the trenches like that.  Bullshit buddy.  We are no better than the guy who runs a grocery store trying to scrape a living while still trying to pay his Obamacare taxes.  Or aren't they good enough for modern Republicans to defend since they don't usually give much if any of their hard earned money to political candidates?  Is that really what we've come to?  Only defending those who keep us in office?

We need something new and it ain't Democrat or Republican.  But I can tell you what it is.  It is very angry at being awakened.  Now get in front of that political hacks.

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