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Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Future of the Republican Party, Part Deux

A few weeks ago I wrote my opinion of the Future of the Republican Party.  In my opinion there is none.  It's been dying since Watergate and Republicans got scared and decided to cozy up to Liberals in an attempt to not be tainted by Nixon.  I honestly believe that within 2 election cycles the Republican Party will be no more and in its place, a Conservative party will be reborn. I have not identified myself with the Republican Party since Reagan left office.  Why?  Because that is when they stopped being conservative and caring for the hard work of the American Taxpayer and started worrying more and more about re-election and power grabbing.  The GOP is nothing more than a room full of scared old men afraid of losing their favorite chair at the local cigar club and not having lobbyists buy their drinks and pay for tropical vacation "junkets".

The TEA Party was something I was interested in from the beginning, but I am not a joiner.  My husband and youngest daughter helped organize the very first TEA Party rally here in Waco.  I did not go.  I worked, as most conservatives do.  The Waco TEA Party has grown and is led by some very smart people.  So far they are standing up to the IRS in a completely invasive overreach of a revenue seeking federal bureaucracy.  Part of it is being Texan, the rest is being part of a bunch of people who believe that government doesn't have any right asking for membership rolls in some fishing expedition by the Liberal administration currently in power to try to intimidate.  Maybe Republicans can be intimidated, but with the TEA Party they have mistakenly tread upon an idea of liberty and personal freedom that refuses to be denied.

Yes, this is why the Republican party is now dead to me.  Fredo in the fishing boat.  This is an ex-parrot.

We have to have a replacement party ready to fill the void, because the increasingly desperate Liberals will try to fill the vacuum with more government overreach and buying votes through handouts. And they will swarm like maggots over the bloated corpse that is the GOP.  Conservatives need to cover maggots and bloated corpse in gasoline and burn them into extinction.  We need to make sure they and their ideas die the horrible death that they so avidly seek.  If you do not understand or see that what Liberals really want is the death of everything, then you need to step back and really take in the long game, big picture of their entire philosophy.  What is altruism but complete, supreme sacrifice of self?

I would like to interject at this juncture that I have had plenty of time to ponder upon this blog post as my husband's mean-spirited, hateful black cat has been sitting on either my keyboard or just in front of my monitor.  So, for those of you who think I'm just pulling stuff out of the air, one presupposition has therefore been laid to rest.

The Republican Party, in its stupid dash to distance itself from Nixon and Watergate became what they beheld and instead of Blue Dog Democrats, we have what I refer to as Blue-Balled Republicans.  Their inability to ejaculate anything other than Liberal talking points and Big Government Policy has been so evident from 1988 through present date, that it's hard to tell the players without a card and the D or R behind the name.  I have received so many contribution beggings from the GOP in the mail this year that I finally mailed one back in.  The GOP is asking what I want or expect from them?  Like Dr. No, I expect them to die.  I don't expect them do do it in a dignified manner. Republicans gave up dignified the first time they voted to increase any government spending on welfare and increase the scope and size of the IRS. Yes, Mr. Preibus, I want you to cease to exist, for in my reality, you actually did it decades ago.  I don't give anything of myself to something that is decaying by its own hand.

It's sad to see so many avowed Republicans as inured in the mainstream media as the Liberals frothing at the mouth around them.  "We watch it to be fair, to get the 'whole' picture" they say.  Riiiiiiight.  You're nothing more than a closet "please let them like me" Liberal.  Get out of the way of people who actually can effect change.  Get out of our way or we will mow you down.

We must make sure the Liberal idea of Mommy Gubmint is completely and utterly destroyed and universally agreed upon to be unworkable.  It is the only way it will never raise its ugly head again.  And to be clear, the GOP is full of closet Liberals who really do believe that if they don't vote for Liberal ideas no one will like them.  If you're more worried about the likes of Nancy Legosi liking you than you are the freedoms of you constituency, you gave up your Conservative card and joined the Dark Side.  You! Off my planet, NOW!

So Conservatives must be poised to jump into the vacuum created by the self-created GOP implosion.  For they will go out with a whimper.  Conservatives need to enter with A Big Bang, and start the world all over again.

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