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Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Don't Get You

People who think they know me expected me to be frothing at the mouth after the Supreme Court ruled on Obamacare on Thursday.  Well, goes to show how well they know me. I will blow up over my pots and pans not being returned to the cupboard properly.  I foam at the mouth when I can't find my keys that I know I left in the front pocket of my purse yet find on the coffee table where I never leave them and no one will admit to hijacking my car for a midnight run to Whataburger.  I do not, however, even raise an eyebrow when perfectly good political sense is made before my very eyes.  I was, in fact, laughing at the beginning of a very hilarious farce and plan to be here in November to see those chickens come to roost.

Before you knee jerk, please know that I have read both assenting and dissenting opinions, plus the obligatory analysis that always comes with decisions like these.  Let me also inform you that the reason I was laughing so hard driving home from work Thursday was that I could just see the faces of Liberal political movers and shakers all over the country saying, "Shit." with no inflection whatsoever in their little voices of disappointment.

Liberal politicos are shitting themselves because they had started, about three days before the decision, the meme about the activist court, blah blah blah.  Roberts kicked them right in the jimmies by handing them the decision they whined, screamed and dragged people before cameras to lie for.  You asked for it, brother, and Chief Justice John Roberts kicked it right to you.  The problem is he put a little spin on it and you weren't expecting it, so, per usual, you dropped the damned ball and started crying that it's not fair.  Except you remembered that you screamed on the other side of that argument just a few days ago so you're all just left standing there with your peckers in your hands mumbling, "Dammit".  Again, with no inflection.

Now you're backpedaling so fast that you could easily beat Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France if only you could do it backwards.  Why?  Because Chief Justice Roberts kicked the poison fruit back to the tree it came from and called it exactly what it is.  The Individual Mandate is a TAX!  It's a huge assed tax during the worst recession since Jimmy Carter (another failed Liberal, just in case you're keeping score).  Now that SCOTUS has declared it a tax, for the first time in living history Liberals want no part of tax and spend or deem and pass or any of those other horrible words that, when used in an election year, almost guarantee a loss, even, or in this case, especially when you voted for the bill.  Perhaps we can tell Pelosi and her ilk, if they are still in office come January 2013 that they can read the repeal once they pass it.  Wonder how she'll feel then.?

Me?  I feel it's now up to every Republican Conservative running for office (the two are not one and the same, see John McCain) to hammer the tax increase home to the American Public.  It needs to be shouted from every rooftop, on every street corner until John Q Public awakens and realizes they do NOT get something for nothing.  They are going to have to pay through the nose for this abortion of legislation and may lose their jobs, their homes and everything they know trying to pay for those who are permanent malingerers.

Don't just vote for a president that will sign the repeal, elect officials that will bring the damned thing through the shenanigans in congress to not only repeal, but amend the Constitution to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.  Shove that commerce clause right up their elitist asses with your football cleats on. Then twist a little just for shits and giggles.

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