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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Future of the Republican Party

That's an easy one, there is none.  That may surprise many of you who think you know me.  I'm not a Republican.  I'm also not a Democrat, Independent, Libertarian or weasel.  I am a reasonably logical person who tries to vote for the person who best represents my worldview.  I've never seen one party do that.

So my basic take on the past 12 or so years is that the GOP has become nothing more than a bunch of toothless old men desperate to maintain some semblance of relevance. Now the Republican party is nothing but a bunch of old, washed up footballers sitting in a bar bragging about their glory days.  Dr. Evil once said there was nothing sadder than an aging hipster.  Only if you don't compare them to an aging Republican.  Too old and afraid to admit they have no idea what's going on in the world anymore. It's how idiots like Ted Stevens get to become senators and make moronic remarks like the internet is a series of tubes that can get clogged with information.  It's how freaks like Lisa Murchowski keep getting elected by whining and crying how a seat is bought and paid for by Daddy and then has no idea what she's doing when she actually gets to DC.

As they've stood around for the past 3 years while Obama and his Cadre of Idiots have shat upon our Constitution and taken one liberty after another, as they have broken laws only to cry "Victim!" when they are caught, have outright lied to Congress and the American Public about everything, and they have done NOTHING.  Nothing at all.

Paul Ryan, Darrel Issa and Peter King are the stand-outs, the exceptions rather than the rule. They bravely do what the American public is screaming to be done.  Mr. Ryan, balance the damned budget, Mr. Issa and Mr. King, please get to the bottom of that swamp that Nancy Legosi was supposed to drain and instead made bigger and deeper.

So this November I will not vote straight party ticket.  I will do my usual and vote for the lesser of two evils.  But lesser evil is still evil.

We need a new Conservative party that truly understands the glory of a free, truly unfettered market.  A party that understands that free individuals are the most ingenious, most productive of all men.  We need a party that understand you cannot eat your young and consume more than you produce. We need a party that respects the individual and his right to his property and freedoms.

Mostly, we need to overhaul Congress, set real term limits and get rid of career politicians who live for nothing so much as cementing their powerbase at the expense of our freedoms and money.

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