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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Nature of Those We Fight

I've been reading Part 3 of Atlas Shrugged this past week.  Went to find something about Ragnar Danneskjold last weekend, and sort of lost my way back into the book.  It always happens like that.  Last night I read the passage where Hank Rearden's assets are frozen and he is beginning to see the nature of the Beast. The best thing about Rand's storytelling prowess is that she foreshadows this moment throughout the book, and first time readers are always left with the feeling that they are beginning to see it, too, but they can't quite grasp what it is that is so awful.  When they do they feel like they should have known it all along.  The problem is they have always known, but never let themselves admit what it is about our opponent that makes them something awful.

Pointing out to you what it is that's trying to take over will not convince your that it's true.  Our very way of thinking cannot possibly consider such irrational behavior because ours is the code of the living, theirs is the way of death and destruction of everything.  We cannot possibly imagine hating ourselves and life so much that we wish for it all to be destroyed. They don't care in what way, but they will usher in anything they see as destroying life as we know it.

So you're sitting there laughing, thinking to yourself, "Wow, this broad is really some paranoid loon!"  You're free to think that. Look around you.  Look at the Occutards. Look at Greenpeace, PETA, The Sierra Club... Have you ever in your imagination been able to conger up such idiocy in your wildest dreams?  Could you?  What do they stand for?  Nothing, nihilism, death, destruction and mindless babbling. Why would you give these retards one iota of notice?  We can't ignore them as it's obvious they are not going to go away. Deny them the one thing they need to pretend they live.  Money.

If you're a company, stop giving the Occutard the days off to go make a mess of the city every time the wind blows.  If you're a parent, insist your children go to a school where they actually make them think.  You would not give your child a revolver loaded with one bullet to go play with, but you willingly send them off, daily, to institutions that are dedicated to destroying their individuality and ability to reason and think critically so that they will fit into the Liberal Hive mentality.  Might as well hand them the gun and be done with it in my opinion.

We, the living, cannot conceive of people that embrace the philosophy of nothing with an eagerness bordering on zealotry.  We can't understand those who wish for death and abdication of all responsibility of thought. The most important thing we never see coming is that they hate us.  Why, you ask?  Because we are living, we are thinking, rational being who take utter joy in our lives and abilities.

So how do we battle those who love death?  That's coming up next!

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