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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Push Back

My husband has an annoying habit.  He will not give up on trying to make you try something that he likes that you might just not be in the mood for.  Today it was some sauce for some dim sum.  I usually like chili sauce on mine, but today I just wanted a nice dim sum, straight up, no chaser.  He had this new sauce he'd found at the sample tables at the grocery store.  I could have easily, again, averted any sort of argument by just dipping the damned dumpling in the sauce and shutting him the hell up, but I'm not in that kind of mood today.  So I challenged him.  I don't need to ever have tried the sauce to know I don't want any sauce now.  I just don't freaking want any sort of sauce on my dim sum, build a bridge and get over it.

But he can't.  In some way he feels that he can change your mind and make you like it better if he shoves it repeatedly in his face.  For some reason, he gets really butt sore when you don't want what he wants or like what he likes. In other words, he takes it personally. 

People who take crap like this seriously, should never engage with me.  Never. 

He's out in the garage now trying to synch my blue tooth radio with my phone so I can "hands free" in the car.  Yeah, I'm a real phone jockey.  That shit is important.  Meanwhile his dinner is burning and I'm most likely not going to want to eat that either.

When you try to make people do things they are reluctant to do, regardless of the reason, they will resent it.  This is the lesson I am trying to teach him.  For the past 12 years.  I'm obviously a fantastic teacher.

None of my rational points were making any headway in his decision to be decidedly Dutch.  So I went for the obvious.  I didn't need to try the sauce to know I didn't want the sauce.  I knew beforehand I didn't want the sauce and nothing in between my picking up a dim sum and putting it in my mouth changed that decision.  Then I called him Nancy Pelosi.

Yeah, he's pouting, too.

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