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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blind Lockstep

I am an Objectivist.  My field is science.  Yet, I am also a Christian.  I love that this causes some people to actively shut down their mental works because they cannot see how the dichotomy works. I can state, for my case only, they work in perfect harmony without one note of dissonance ever disturbing me.

To some within both Objectivism and Science, I cannot be a genuine adherent because of my belief.  To my comrades in Science I say this, your entire career is built on a search for truth.  The truth, in most cases today is out in the Universe, the beginnings of which continue to stymie us.  If we expect the populace to accept "on faith" that our Universe had its beginnings in a Big Bang, then I would expect that we could accept the concept of God clapping His hands to create the Universe "on faith" as well.  Besides, almost all theoretical physics is the search for God.  They just refuse to recognize it. I believe that only Hawking is honest about his hypocrisy. Dawson can debate me any time he can crawl out from under the rock he lives under.

Objectivists see all religious belief as nothing more than mysticism that has no logical place within their philosophy.  Since Objectivism is the most moral of all philosophies, including Christianity, I don't try to change their minds since I see more good and honesty in them than I do most Christians.

I don't follow anything blindly.  It's not within my mental make-up to do so.  Because, no matter how much I like anything, I will always find things I question about it.  If I find answers sufficient to my curiosity I live with it, if not, I walk away.  Period.  It's not so I can't be tied down, that's the Liberal method to life. It's because if there are no answers to my questions or there is some sort of prevarication or mitigation, I know it's not for me.  I live in a very black and white world.  Because I do, I know that there can be no morally ambiguous "grey" areas.

You laugh, but think about it.  Black and white make grey.  You cannot have grey without them.  Black is wrong, white is right.  If you acknowledge right and wrong, there can be no middle ground.  Every decision in your life is based on the concept of it being the right thing or the wrong thing to do.  You actively decide to do the right thing or the wrong thing.  If you do not realize how freeing it is to know this you are trapped within the mind-raping self-doubt inspired by all Liberal philosophy.  The Liberal Philosophy which demands you march in blind lockstep and not question anything because they know that when you begin to question you quickly find the flaws inherent in their system of death.

If you're sitting here reading this and crying because you think I want babies to starve in Africa and I spend my spare time clubbing baby Harp Seals, I have to laugh at the way you're so easily lead.  You are the type of person that no amount of reason or logic will ever reach because you so tightly hang on to the Liberal idea that someone else can make decisions for you better than yourself.  You're the type of person I'd much rather not even acknowledge inhabits this planet with me.  OK, solar system.

My gist is this, think for yourself.  Like Reagan, trust by verify.  If your search for the truth leads you away from your original idea, then admit the mistake and move on.  For if you don't, the University of East Anglia holds a promising future for you in Global Warming.

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