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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Why Character Matters

In the past few weeks I've seen many amusing pictures on the intarwebs with Bill Clinton saying things concerning the current administration that are funny and in keeping with what we know of Bill Clinton's character.  It is no accident that the least presidential Presidents in the past century were both Democrats.  Jimmy Carter was the last presidential President and he as a complete loser.  In fact, he can now die in peace knowing he's no longer the worst President we've ever had.

When things began to present themselves in the Clinton administration Liberals were quick to "pooh-pooh" the question of character and presidential behavior.  Suddenly character did not matter.  However, I ask you to think back and look at Liberal attacks.  They ALWAYS go after character.  So it's clear to me that the only time character matters to Liberals is when they are in attack mode.  They have no idea how to defend lack of character other than to repeat ad infinitum, "Character doesn't matter."  They're sort of like fundamental Christians who say, "God said it, I believe it, so that settles it."  If you think about it, it's really hilarious because it's yet another example of Liberal double think/speak and hypocrisy.  Well, it tickles my funny bone, anyway.

Here is the reason that character always matters, because a man without character is a man without conscience.  I don't think we need any of those in any sort of position of power.  Tyrants and despots the world over are staffed with folks wanting in a great quantity of positive personality qualities.  However, I've yet to see some tyrannical dictator that Liberals weren't greasing themselves up to bend over for.  Have you seen Liberals stand on the right side of anything?  Ever?  Think hard.  In fact I defy you to name one time they ever came out on the right side of anything.  If you can do it I can show you the real reason they did and it won't be edifying at all.

With the recent hubbub about gay marriage I think I finally threw in the towel and tagged up.  Conservatives are not AGAINST gay marriage.  We are very pro-family and marriage is all about family ties and loyalties.  However, Liberals think that if they "sully" marriage they put another chink in the family armor.  They are stupid and short sighted.  Gay marriage, adoption and all else is not really a blip on the Conservative radar simply because we don't care enough one way or the other to make a big deal out of it.  One of my dearest friends is gay and married.  I adore him and his partner because they two of the kindest people I know.  I've known him since high school and the reason I've always adored him is because he was a good friend to me.  That means more to me than his sexual orientation, in fact it has nothing to do with it.  I like people because of who they are, not what they are and most Conservatives are the same way.  Liberals cannot like you unless there is a political imperative to do so.  They will mention their black, Hispanic and gay friends as being gay, black and/or Hispanic.  they're never just friends, there has to be a diversity political reason why they are friends.  Yeah, I really want to be friends with people like that.  You could be cut the moment the Liberal wind changes, and God alone knows often that is.

Character is standing by your friends when everyone else is dog-piling them.  Sometimes it means standing alone when you know they're right.  But I'd rather stand with one right friend, then go out to bars with a gaggle of wrong ones.


conscience said...

So why is it hilarious to a supposed Christian (giving you the benefit of the doubt since you say you are a Catholic) when someone (a fundamentalist Christian to you) claims to believe God's word?

And if you have ever read the bible it is very clear about homosexuality. What part of "abomination" do you not understand?

I guess this makes you a "progressive" right winger, whatever that might be. You seem to worship Ayne Rand but I don't think you would want to be where she is now. Maybe you and Ayne are smarter than God.

Severine said...

I think it is hilarious when Christians are just as hypocritical as Jesus accused the Pharisees of being. I don't find them believing in The Word hilarious. I find that when they are stumped they fall back on "God said it. I believe it, and that settles it." Blind faith is a thing of which I do not approve.

As a Catholic and an Objectivist, I can tell you with certainty that I do not worship Ayn Rand any more than I do Mary. And don't doubt that I am a Christian. If you had one ounce of knowledge about the the early church you would realize that Catholics were the first Christians. So, you could say we got in on the ground floor. From the sounds of your comment, your denomination may be a little more fundamental. Which is never a good thing to get stuck in, regardless of the religion. I point you to our troubles in the Middle East as Exhibit One.

Homosexuality is not an abomination, it is an evolutionary dead end. However, it is love, and God is all about love. So do I think that God hate homosexuals? No more than I think he hates bigoted religious zealots.

conscience said...

I have more than ounce of knowledge of the early church and do not believe it was "Catholic" any more than any more modern denomination. Read the book of Acts if you want to see the early church. Then read all of the epistles, then Revelation. I am non denominational. My denomination is the bible.

I do not want to make this about Catholicism or any other denomination. Surely there are millions of Catholics in heaven. You do know Nancy Pelosi claims to be a Catholic too, and agrees with your stance on homosexuality. Why don't you agree with the pope?

I fear this is all a dead end, but original sin was when Adam and Eve decided they would be determiners of good and evil, rather than accepting what God said. That is what you are doing.

As much as you love books, it seems a natural for you to get into the bible. It is the one book you can spend the rest of your life reading and die with much of the knowledge unabsorbed. Much of it is spiritually discerned.

Anyway, I am not looking for a pissing match but it always ticks me off when christian people support non-christian things. For instance, the democratic platform is built on murder and covetessness, blatantly contadicting two of those commandment thingies.