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Saturday, February 04, 2012


If you look at the title of today's article and scratch your head, you have not been reading enough Regency literature.

prof·li·ga·cy  [prof-li-guh-see]

1. shameless dissoluteness.
2. reckless extravagance.
3. great abundance.
Origin: 1730–40; proflig(ate)  + -acy
Is this stirring, in your brain, any resemblance of recognizance?  No, it's not just a term used in court rooms.  Do you recognize the word and understand its meaning?  I certainly hope so, if only because I come from the last generation to be truly educated.  And most of the people of my generation eschewed education for the chance to party at school.  We wasted our abundance of opportunity and now we reap what we have sown and do not recognize it for what it is.

We have a president who can't be arsed to actually BE presidential.  We have a congress that is passing bills like an illiterate keeping books.  They don't read them, they just allow the aristocracy of pull to lead them about like lemmings off a cliff, and too bad, they're taking America down with them.  My worry?  That the citizenry, lulled into somnolence like some doped up beggar's baby, will do nothing to save themselves because it requires too much thought, too much effort, and too much self-realization to get the job done right. This is what keeps me up nights.

I've had way too much time to think in the past few days.  Because I can, I tend to think about words, their exact meaning, and from whence they come. Again, my damnable education and ability to understand the language that I speak.  I blame my third grade teacher who grew to hate my ability to chew through any assignment in her class and would set a dictionary on my desk and allow me to learn new words or look up ones I only knew by context when I read books far beyond my age.  It was an exercise I always went to when bored at school. I would read dictionaries, encyclopaedias, anything that got me through whatever boring class I had to sit through to get out of there.  I would also do the same things for all the languages I do speak, as it helped me understand idioms, or phrases that mean something by context and ethnic understanding.  Try explaining the cat getting out of the bag to someone who did not grow up speaking English.

Anyway, the word that came to mind most often in the past week was the word profligacy. It was a huge surprise to me because I'm currently re-reading Christopher Stasheff's Wizard in Rhyme series.  But the word kept coming up in my mind, shining like a beacon.  So, as I saw and waited and thought, I began to really think about the word meant and what it applies to in my life and in the life of all who live and work in this great country.

Then it came to me, profligacy is almost the dictionary definition of Liberals.  They are fantastic at spending other people's money.  They love it so much, they want to take it from you at gun point so that they can spend it on what they want, not what you may need.  The money you earn is not yours to do with as you see fit, it is theirs to dole out as they please.  When Nancy Legosi said, "The money we allow you to keep", when discussing how they planned on paying for the abortion known as Obamacare, it was not a slip of the tongue. She honestly, truly believes that you have no right to the fruits of your labors.  Now, don't touch her money, her stuff, because that's just not right.  Just give up your earnings so she can then play Lady Bountiful with her ballot cattle.  I'll be honest, I could have stabbed her in the mouth at that moment.  That is possibly the most offensive comment I've ever heard from her, right after, "You have to pass the bill to see what's in the bill".  For that she should just drop dead.

There is currently a movement going to get a bill passed forcing all members of congress to read any bills before they put it to vote. Adding to the new rule that you have to name the part of the Constitutional justifying your bill, things might get a tad interesting.

Now, I am going to paraphrase Gandhi, you must be the change you wish to see in the world.  I know, me, Gandhi, who flipped a switch?  I'll tell you, because we have sat on our fat asses for far too long, expecting inertia to carry us through the day.  We stopped caring about what they are doing in DC until finally it hit our pocketbook.  That's when the sleeping giant woke up and still our parts sleep.  Wake the hell up people.  They didn't steal your rights and freedoms, you handed it to them because you couldn't be arsed to vote for someone you didn't recognize.  Now you must wake the hell up and grab them back.  For, if after the November elections, they still hold on to any semblance of power they will worm their way back into power and begin eating away at our liberties and our freedoms again.

Don't let them have your future.  Do not allow them to spend your future on what they think is necessary.  You spend your money and your earnings on what you want/need, because you worked for it, you earned it and you have every right to YOUR OWN MONEY.

Remind them of that every time they try to spend it on counting cow farts in Montana.

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