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Monday, January 23, 2012

On Abortion

It is often said that when Progressive Liberals look at human beings they see something to be exploited, and something they will have to support to stay in power.  That is how they see people and it is evident in how they depict their polar opposite, the Conservatives.  When Conservatives see people they see people and they see one thing more, they see potential.  They see what can be if that person is allowed to freedom to become what they want to be. 

Within the Objectivist confines of my personal philosophy I disagree with many Objectivists over the subject of abortion.  Not whether or not it should be legal, none of us believe that is the purview of government, but rather should remain with the individuals involved.  I disagree with abortion as a form of birth control, because I really do believe in personal responsibility.  I also know that, despite what the abortion hawkers scream, murdering a human being leaves a stain on your soul that you cannot wash or absolve away.

The thing is, the abortion issue has gotten completely out of hand in this nation where we wish to live without the responsibility of thought or live with the consequences of our actions.  Most abortions performed in this country are due to birth control "failure" with many frequent fliers out there.  If they know you by sight down at Planned Parenthood, perhaps you should reconsider your dating habits and/or some sort of long term birth control that is not dependent on your being sober.

The other argument for abortion is for cases of rape or incest.  Honestly, I don't think anyone should expect women to carry the babies when they were forced into something.  It only continues the victimization when they are forced, yet again, into something they didn't ask for and don't want to do.  Let them decide what they feel is best for them.  So, yes. I do believe that in the instance of rape or incest, let the victim decide.  Let them empower themselves again so they can stop being victims.

Then comes the thing they think will get Conservatives, what if the child will be born "not perfect"?  Seriously?  Not perfect?  Objectivists tend to see anyone who is not fantastically talented and brilliant as a drain on the productive, and therefore believe that a child with say, Down's Syndrome, should be destroyed in utero.  I'll be sure to tell the kid down at the IGA who has been bagging my groceries for 13 years about that.  He bags groceries, earns his own money and tries to be as independent as possible.  I've watched this kid grow up and he IS productive.  His parents have done so well in making sure that he is living a life and not just sat in front of a TV while they grouse about having to take care of an "imperfect" child.  I'll be sure to let Sarah Palin know, as well.

When confronted with testing that can tell us so much about our children before they are even born, the Liberals immediately talk about how we can now weed out the imperfect.  It's eugenics ingeniously disguised as caring.  I guess asking the parents who raise these children is a useless exercise.  In this light, let me relate a story.  It is personal and experienced by me, so I know it to be true and not just something I heard at a cocktail party.

When my oldest daughter was born a month early, and very ill, she was taken to the NICU at St Joseph's Hospital in downtown Houston.  I followed her the next day from the hospital where I had given birth to her in Nassau Bay.  During the time she was in there I noticed one baby in an incubator that had no one visit him in days.  You get to know the other parents, you talk about your babies and try to find out what, exactly is going on.  Several other parents and I noticed that this baby had no one ever come in to hold it, even just touch it's little body and speak to it.  The nurses were caring but kept their clinical distance, as they are taught to do.  Finally, my curiosity got the better of me when I came in one morning and noticed the baby was in the window sill, as if the nurses thought he was a flower, needing the sun.  I should add at this point that this child had none of the tubes and wires all of the babies were covered with in the NICU.  He looked to be a regular size.

I asked the Nurse Practitioner who was overseeing my daughter's care why the baby was in the window.  She told me the baby had developed a little jaundice and the sun would help it.  My daughter was in the UV box for the same thing at the time.  I asked why they didn't put him in the same kind of box.  She said they were not allowed to and walked away. Later that morning, one of the dads met me out in the hall when we were pushed out due to a baby coding, and explained that the doctors were not allowed to do anything that would save the baby, because he'd been born with Down's Syndrome and the parents had abandoned the baby and would give no permission to treat it.  The hospital was going through the lengthy legal process of getting permission to treat the baby.

Let me explain this thoroughly.  The parents, when confronted with a baby who was not what they were expecting fully expected the doctors to "take care" of their problem, and just refused to deal with it. They were trying to perform an abortion after the fact.  We look upon this in horror, but, had they known that the baby was imperfect in utero, despite the age of the pregnancy, I have no doubt whatsoever they would have killed that child.  People like this are far more common that the Sarah Palins of the world.  These are people who do not see that child as a wonder and a chance to experience life through a very different prism.  All they see is a millstone around their neck.  For these people I firmly believe that they should not only not be allowed to have that child, they should never, ever have children or even be allowed around them.  They are poison. They are evil and they don't even realize it.

So, yes, again, I believe in the case of a child who will be born with something the parents cannot cope with, abortion should be encouraged along with permanent sterilization.  In that case, you can never be disappointed in the ungrateful wretches that we raise in our society.

Abortion is an emotional issue for most people.  To me it's a question of logic.  Is it logical for me to be able to tell someone else how to live their life?  No.  So don't ask me if I think it's alright.  I won't give you the answer you are seeking.  If you have to ask, you already know the answer and my response is almost guaranteed to make you hate yourself and me more than you already do.

I prefer to see all human beings as potential, in spite of whatever flaws they were born with.  However, if you do chose to bring a life into the world, that you know will become a drain on you, don't ask me to support your decision monetarily.  Don't make your decision somebody's duty and burden.

To coin a phrase, don't breed what you can't feed.

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Anonymous said...

No it is not logic. God knows these children, it says so in your bible. It also says "thou shalt not murder." You know, one of those commandment thingies.

What your story reminded me most of was how Kurt Warner's wife would go and hold the babies at the hospital that got no attention.

Makes a guy want to cry.