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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Swing Vote

I read an article today that says that Catholics are "swinging" to Mitt Romney.  The author of the piece says that Caholics are the ultimate swing voters.  I would like to point out right here, I don't understand how a Catholic could ever vote for any Progressive politician or policy.  But I see it election after election.  I would also like to point out that politics and religion should not even exist on the same planet.  Religion builds your belief and faith daily.  Politics rips it to shreds with each lie they tell, and you can always tell when a politician is lying, right?

So why are Catholics the ultimate wafflers?  Because we are enured from birth to altruism and self-doubt.  We are told one thing, shown another.  Perhaps this does explain why Catholics flock to the fringe and freaks.  We're told that altruism is the ultimate goal, and they turn right around and tell us that suicide is a mortal sin.  MAKE UP YOUR MIND!  We're out brothers keeper, but God helps them who help themselves.  And the Church wonders why people left in droves after Vatican II and never came back.

The dichotomy is what is killing the Church, not the message. God is about Love, there is no love in politics, only what is immediately expedient. Catholics do not need their religious leaders telling them that abortion is murder and murder is a sin, then urge them to vote for people who think killing the unborn is okey-dokey.  We are told that we are supposed to help the downtrodden, the useless malingerers who will never, ever work for themselves.  Progressive Liberals love that message because they are all about handouts for votes while you're kept, tranquilized, in your pits of despair.

Because we are mostly rational human beings, that dichotomy dissonates throughout our consciousness and we become confused.  No wonder no one is really sure where Catholics stand.  Catholics don't know where they stand.  We know we're supposed to stand somewhere, but our belief system has set us up to be mired in the quicksand of uncertainty due to the mixed messages we receive our entire lives.

But, just like in the ED commercials on TV everywhere, there is hope.  Stop letting religious leaders suggest who you vote for.  Find out for yourself what the weasels say they believe, read up, educate yourself on the issues that are important to you and then vote.  Don't pull a lever because someone in a cassock tells you what's best for you?  How the hell would they know?  YOU know what is best for you, not some guy who shakes your hand after mass but doesn't even know your name.

So, my message is this, swing the way your feel best swinging.  Swing the way your beliefs take you.  And this November, swing for the fences.

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