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Sunday, January 15, 2012

What Is Your Purpose?

In the book Atlas Shrugged the character of Francisco d'Anconia is described as an industrious, curious child.  Dagny Taggart's mother remarks that Francisco's family crest should read "What for?" because it is the first question he asks when anything is put before him.

To what purpose? What For?  Why?

These are the most important questions we must ask ourselves before throwing our lot in with anyone or anything or accepting any task.  It's obviously a question no one in the OWS crowd has ever asked or ever been encouraged to ponder.  Just do as your told, Useful Idiot. And they blithely trip through life doing just that, being just that.

I remember, back when going to college was because you wanted to learn something so that you could make a living from the knowledge.  Today, college is all about paying a lot of money to sit about for years and years and be indoctrinated.  You're not encouraged to think, to question, to really think outside the box is discouraged mightily.  You are merely to repeat back the party line and you are rewarded with grades and eventually a degree in Women's Studies with an Emphasis on Racial Hatred at PCU.  Congratulations.  I would like fries with that.

Back in my father's day, with all the GIs coming back from Europe and the Pacific, men who had fought and bled thought that education would make sure nothing like they had suffered would happen again, and thus they pushed their children towards college because knowledge was power and power was peace (Motto of the Cold War, if it had one).  What ended up happening was the Libs got control of the universities, Viet Nam and hippies flourished and Bob's your uncle, a cottage industry of useless education was born.  Doubt me?  Read David Mamet's The Secret Knowledge. I already knew the subject matter, but even some of the pieces he put together in the puzzle amazed me. 

We are in the home stretch of the Class of 2012.  Most seniors are making the final decision on where they will go to college and getting all of the scholarship and grants and loans in order.  At age 18, who the hell knows what they want to be when they grow up?  It's why I've always encouraged the first two years be wrung out in a Community College setting with just the rudiments of education being doled out.  English, History, Maths.  Anything else should be handled when, hopefully by 2 years in, the kids have a known direction.  It's cheaper, it's faster, actually, and the kids get a better education by caring professionals and are not warehouse in lecture halls 300 deep.  But, most who take this route, have a decided direction they are headed in.  Community colleges also have the advantage of non-tenured instructors and no campus crap as the Universities and Colleges do.

I do know of whence I speak.  My oldest son, who would do great things with more education, chose not to go to school once he was out of the Marines.  He can go anytime he wants, however, he is trying to work, have a life and be who he wants to be.  None of us push him, because we know he does not react well to nagging or pushing.  If he went to college before he was ready he would flounder and have no purpose once there.  He would quit and end up in the kind of jobs he's working anyway.  He may not go to college in his 20s, but I have faith that he will at some point and get the degree in history I think he knows he wants.  However, he's not ready now. But, at least he knows he's not ready.

So why do we ask 18 year old children, who are barely able to keep a car on the road to make decisions concerning the rest of their entire lives when they have no concept of that idea at this point in their development.  I now understand why 21 was the majority until the hippies and liberals in the 60s.  They knew they could grab those unformed pieces of clay and mold them in the images they needed.  It didn't matter that this did nothing to improve that person's chance of making a living, but they had to grab and enslave their minds early on.  They soon saw that college was too late for some, so they got into the high schools, then the middle school and now they are in pre-schools everywhere teaching "My Two Dads" to four year olds.

To what purpose?

So that they learn to never question, to just accept, to enure them to the horrors of Progressive Liberalism.  A somnolent public is just what they wish as Big Government becomes the Big Brother Orwell wrote about that they insisted on misunderstanding.  Quite metaphorically, garbage in, garbage out.  They demand we hand over our children to them for 13 years in public schooling, then pay for the privilege of their indoctrination for at least four more years in college.

I remember back, years ago, when I still read comic books, and there was a huge story arc in the X-Men.  One of the characters had stolen the brains of all of the psychics and forced them to make humans do what he demanded and put mutants to sleep if they got too close.  The picture of all of these brains in a room with the thought bubble, "Sleep.  Sleep. Sleep." has always stayed with me.  That one panel of one comic book stood as the symbol of Progressive Liberalism to me. I'm sure the artist who depicted that scene would be horrified if he knew that.  It's OK.  His subconscious chose that image of his mother ship of European Liberalism.  I understand that.  But does he?

So as we sit back and watch these kids flounder (the freshman year drop out rate at any major university is mind-boggling) and try to figure out what they want to do with the rest of their lives, the Liberals get those final hooks into them in Freshman Orientation and force them into Women's Hate Studies.  They then choose the courses that fit their lazy, sleep late everyday lifestyle and get the degree that they deserve at that point in their lives.

Then they come back home, and wait tables or play video games in their rooms forever because no one has any use for someone with a degree in Early Elizabethan Literature with an emphasis on Italian Sonnets.

To what purpose?  The world needs ditch diggers, too.

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